Robots with Laser Beams

Robots with Laser Beams, and you thought the Radio Controlled Craft was only about stuff you see in hobby stores. These robots are fighting for there honor and dominance over the other robots, and maybe us when they get grow up some day!

Giving robots weaponry seems to be a recurring theme with humanity’s technological progression in robotics. Of course like I said, when they grow up, we may be working for them. California has one as Governor of their state.

In the US, we have had Mech Warfare which implements such things as Airsoft guns. Japan however, has decided to step it up a big notch and they are equipping their robots with lasers cannons. Constructing exploding, blindness causing, movie theater annoying lasers of destruction. And the laser cannons have sound effects, making them even better.

I think you need to view the video below and help step up the United States Robotic Warfare Systems. Then send me photos / videos of what you did, along with a cool story to go along with it.

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