Worlds Largest RC Plane Crash vs Manned B-29 Superfortress Crash

The owner of this 300 pound B-29 Superfortress RC Plane with 4 engines did not do so well, and the second video of a full scale manned Superfortress with both a Water Crash Landing and Crash and burn landing on the runway.

Worlds Largest RC Plane Crash

The world’s largest radio control plane, the 1:5 […]

Parrot AR Drone Upgraded to DX6i Transmitter

Parrot AR Drone RC mod with Spektrum DX6i transmitter 2.4ghz

by, kenv98

This mod will let you use a regular 2.4ghz transmitter with the Ar. Drone instead of the iPhone. It’s much more easy to fly. You can still use the iPhone or have video down-link if you choose to.

You’ll need: Async Labs Arduino […]

Parrot AR Drone Controlled by iPad

Parrot AR Drone

By, Linus Tech Tips

I looked around for a good video to show off the new way to control a radio controlled craft, and found this cool video.

This video shows how you can control a Parrot AR Drone with an Apple iPad, with and without line-of-site. The AR Drone has […]

Welcome to all things Radio Controlled

This site is all about the Radio Controlled Craft, in other words the Craft known as Radio Control.

You will find all sorts of stories, videos and images, dealing with things that are in the Air, Sea, or on Land. Maybe even Space!

If you would like to have your cool thing that is Radio […]