About Us

Radio Control (RC), is the use of radio signals to remotely control a device. The term is used frequently to refer to the control of a model vehicle from a hand-held radio transmitter.
You see Radio controlled devices in use all around us today, weather a toy airplane flown by your nephew to a police robot used to disarm a bomb on the evening news, or a military/police drone used in combat or surveillance.

At this site we will be exploring the Radio Controlled Craft and all the many things it brings.

This is a very big interest of mine, even though I don’t have a lot of money to put into it at this time (darn Recession). I feel I can still share some great information through the internet for everyone to enjoy, and at the same time keep up with things happening in the radio controlled craft.

Please enjoy the site as it grows, and contact me with your suggestions and ideas on things you would like to see posted.


Advertising, Reviews & Disclosure…

I also review websites, products, programs and even books.

Some of my reviews are sponsored, and sometimes I am given a review copy. But more often my reviews are done on products & services I’ve purchased myself.

Paid reviews were done with the same consideration as non-paid content and reviews. I’m known for my candid style, and am just as quick to tell you what NOT to use as I am to recommend resources I find incredibly helpful.

The content here may or may not contain affiliate links, which means that I am paid for referrals to certain sites or products. Regardless of whether I’m compensated or not, I will never promote or recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself.

RadioControlledCraft.com contains my honest opinion and thorough reviews, and I wouldn’t risk losing you as a reader by promoting anything that doesn’t meet my own standards. Affiliate links are simply a way for us to make some revenue and be able to provide content on a topic I am passionate about – and doing it at no cost to you.