Pershing RC Tank. HengLong Snow Leopard 1/16th tank at work (HD Video)

The Pershing goes for a spin on some recently cleared ground in our garden. This HD video includes a number of special slow motion shots and effects to improve the viewing experience. Check out my earlier tank videos also.

Duration : 0:4:23


Straight board shut! Rig for dive! Explore the depths of your bathtub, swimming pool or fish tank with this mini-sub. Twin propellers give a full range of horizontal motion (F/R, R/L) while a central ducted thruster allows for precise depth control. Requi

Mini RC submarines are the newest and hottest RC subs in the world! […]

Awesome RC car action video

Here`s some awesome rc action on my and my brother`s Rc cars. Some big sick jumps. The cars are: Kyosho Inferno mp 7.5 powered by a RB S7W engine, Traxxas T-maxx TRX 2.5, Traxxas Jato TRX 3.3, Team Associated Rc 18 MT, my brother`s custom built twin engine Monster truck powered by two XTM 24-7 […]

RC Jet Turbine Plane, Charlie’s Best Flight

Charlie’s New Jet Plane and doing a great job of flying.

Duration : 0:5:26

Crazy guy puts new iPhone 3GS on RC plane

literally taped his iPhone to his plane and flew around P.S. the video is kinda loud so feel free to either mute or turn down the audio

Duration : 0:2:53

Homemade RC Landing craft tank (Part 2)

My second video of my homemade radio controlled 1:22 Landing craft tank-project. This is no exact copy of a real LCT. The engine was a standard Tamiya 540, but it was to little so I replaced it with a Graupner Speed 720BB Torque, and then a have also installed a bigger prop (increased from 50mm […]

RC tank Bradley gas engine powered crushing beercans

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Duration : 0:1:2

RC Submarine U-2540 by Leon Murray

Building the U 2540 Submarine

Duration : 0:5:38


MINI Cooper GP

Duration : 0:5:51

rc stunt plane, helicopter and jet do tricks and crash

Airshow sponsored by Trilordy and Venom Racing. Nitro rc planes and jets show off some awsome control in front of a crowd.

Duration : 0:5:7