Parrot AR Drone Upgraded to DX6i Transmitter

Parrot AR Drone RC mod with Spektrum DX6i transmitter 2.4ghz

by, kenv98

This mod will let you use a regular 2.4ghz transmitter with the Ar. Drone instead of the iPhone. It’s much more easy to fly. You can still use the iPhone or have video down-link if you choose to.

You’ll need:
Async Labs Arduino Yello Jacket
FTDI programming board
receiver & transmitter

NOTE (2011-12-21), this mod has been superseded by the miru mod now. It’s a new mod that doesn’t use WiFi anymore. You can use your own transmitter but doe…

Parrot AR Drone using the older modification that was good, but the Miru Modification is way better!

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