The Giant RC Scale Boing Vertol Ch-47 Chinook Helicopter with the pilot.

Model: Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook from “Vario Helicopter” Engine: electric Take-off Weight: 8Kg Pilot: Robin Adamschak Event: Model Hobby Spiel Fair Location: Leipzig Germany Date: October 2017 The real Ch-47 Chinook Helicopter thing in action

The CH-47 Chinook helicopter has been around […]

Robots with Laser Beams

Robots with Laser Beams, and you thought the Radio Controlled Craft was only about stuff you see in hobby stores. These robots are fighting for there honor and dominance over the other robots, and maybe us when they get grow up some day!

Giving robots weaponry seems to be a recurring theme with humanity’s technological […]

Radio Controlled Lawnmower

I was thinking of a way to be more lazy then I already am, when I ran across a photo of this Very Cool! Lawnmower. You can guess what I’m Thinking…

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Radio Controlled Pole Camera

This is a Very Cool Video (VCV) that I just ran across while watching television. Wow you can find cool stuff on TV still. There are two parts to this video. Part one is about Steampunk, something I just found out about. I don’t know how I missed it. And the part that I […]