Yucaipa Fire

I was in the area of Yucaipa California today and had to stop and take some shots of the Yucaipa Fire. The Fantastic work of the Aerial Fire Fighting Airplanes, kept the flames at bay so fire trucks could save the old Michael Landon Home on the mountain in these shots. Pardon the shot order, […]

Radio Controlled Lawnmower

I was thinking of a way to be more lazy then I already am, when I ran across a photo of this Very Cool! Lawnmower. You can guess what I’m Thinking…

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The Radio Control Hall of Fame

I ran across a great website today, The Radio Control Hall of Fame. Dedicated to the Three Dreams of Radio Control “Any Control, Multi Control, and Proportional Control”. They have a wonderful website with an amazing collection of radio controls from days gone by, along with the Advertisements from old newspapers and more, […]

Radio Control, Just what the Doctor Ordered

Radio Control gets a boost from Qualcomm & InTouch Health

EV-DO Rev A Robot Demo of Remote Presence™ Technology by InTouch Health

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an uncrewed aircraft. To distinguish UAV’s from missiles, a UAV is defined as a reusable, uncrewed vehicle capable of controlled, sustained, level flight and powered by a jet or reciprocating engine. Therefore, cruise missiles are not considered UAV’s, because, like many other guided missiles, the vehicle itself is […]

Radio Controlled Pole Camera

This is a Very Cool Video (VCV) that I just ran across while watching television. Wow you can find cool stuff on TV still. There are two parts to this video. Part one is about Steampunk, something I just found out about. I don’t know how I missed it. And the part that I […]

AMA EXPO in Ontario California 2010

AMA Expo Information

I’m pleased to announce that the AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics will be hosting there 2010 Expo named “Get Bit by the Bug” in my neck of the woods, Ontario California.

January 8-10, 2010

For more information please visit their website at http://www.modelaircraft.org/amaexpo.aspx


The Radio Controlled Craft is Fun for all ages but be careful

Of the many hobbies and activities that are interesting and fun, which hobby interests you the most? Some like to collect stamps or coins while others prefer maintaining scrapbooks. One hobby (not that I’m prejudice) which is fun for all ages is flying radio controlled airplanes or anything IMHO, that is radio controlled or remote […]

Radio Control, It’s Not just for Airplanes anymore. . .

In my study of the radio controlled craft, size doesn’t matter. Big or small and I mean very small now a days. You can build or adapt just about anything to be radio controlled.

When I was in high school me and some friends took an old wheelchair, some dc motors, batteries and radio controlled […]