Worlds Largest RC Plane Crash vs Manned B-29 Superfortress Crash

The owner of this 300 pound B-29 Superfortress RC Plane with 4 engines did not do so well, and the second video of a full scale manned Superfortress with both a Water Crash Landing and Crash and burn landing on the runway.

Worlds Largest RC Plane Crash

The world’s largest radio control plane, the 1:5 scale B-29 Superfortress, with a Wingspan of 29.5 Ft and weighting in at a whopping 300 pounds.. It crashed….

VS, full scale manned B-29 Superfortress crash landings.

Dramatic B-29 Crash Landings

This in a historical film taken during World War II, that demonstrates the perils some B-29 pilots had when landing their bombers. The planes in this footage w…

In the full scale, manned aircraft, it looks like everyone survived the crash landings of the planes.

Which one do you think came out better Model or Manned aircraft, let us know below:


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