RCAP Of Detroit Building Fire

It seems that some want to taint RCAP short for “Radio Controlled Aerial Photography” because they think RC pilots do not take aviation safety seriously when flying them over areas like this Detroit building fire.

I would understand if this pilot got in the way of putting out this fire, but as you can see from the video below, this in not the case. The pilot seems to take everything into consideration while flying around the fire units using ladders and keeps the UAV a good distance away from the building and firefighters.

Detroit building fire at East Ferry Avenue and Chene
– Detroit Drone aerial video

by ITVDETROIT – Two Detroit firefighters were hurt Wednesday evening when debris from a building fell on them. The firefighters were battling a two-alarm building …


The story by Detroit local TV ABC channel 7

2 firefighters injured in Detroit fire.

In my estimation there are already laws in place to cover anything that somebody my do while using a UAV with a camera. Privacy laws have been around for many years, and it’s up to the local authorities to uphold those laws already on the books.

We do not need to add more laws that are not needed, the FAA, BLM, and many other government agencies all have laws and restrictions that cover their domain, such as parks and government land, etc.

Give me your thoughts on this, maybe I’m offbase, but I think we have enough laws killing our Radio Controlled enjoyment already.


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