Radio Controlled Submarine – Rescues Project

Cabling SubAn Italian Company is using an RC scale model Submarine to run fiber optic cables through city’s sewer system. The submarine used is the NETPUNE SB-1 produced by Taiwanese company Thunder Tiger and distributed by SabattiniCars.

The NEPTUNE SB1 adopts a static diving system driven by a ballast tank with pump & motor unit. Start the pump to induct the water into the ballast tank. Control the amount of water in the ballast tank, the submarine can dive from the surface and stay underwater. Using the propulsion power unit and full elevator and rudder control, you can drive the submarine graceful sailing underwater, and through the pipes. Cristoforo Massari says that with this system it is possibile to run the cable without digging under every house connected to the city’s sewer systems and at the same time save both money, time and human resources.

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