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RC Submarine U-2540 by Leon Murray

Building the U 2540 Submarine

Duration : 0:5:38

15 comments to RC Submarine U-2540 by Leon Murray

  • jonkje

    That’s allright. I …
    That’s allright. I also have the U-47 (at the moment dynamic) and I will convert it to static diving this winter with a ballast tank from Engel, a wel known German brand in the european rc sub world. Enjoy the build of your U-47. MJ

  • troadus180

    I’m very sorry it …
    I’m very sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yes you can make it Static if you like. I just made this one Dynamic being my first one. I also have a Robbe u747 which will be Static. It was a blast building the 2540 and will start on the u47 this winter. Thank you for viewing the video.

  • jonkje

    Looks like he build …
    Looks like he build the sub as a dynamic diving sub ( as designed by Robbe ) You can convert it into a static diving sub with a ballast tank if you want. Well done anyway! Did you know that the real type XXI U-2540 still exists? It is in Bremerhaven Germany and open to the public! Greeting from the Netherlands!

  • jtammi

    2,676 watched …
    2,676 watched videos, and this be my first in favourites list.

    Remarkable, superb!

  • koelschwolf

    Congrats Leon, …
    Congrats Leon, beautiful engineering job. How did the boat do in a pool, I suppose it did not fit inside your fishtank??????
    Does it dive by static force or via flooding tanks?


    and i vote paint it …
    and i vote paint it pink hehe


    id like to know …
    id like to know where you got the parts and I LOVES TEH MUSIC!!!!

  • 12Gainward21

    All parts for a Rc …
    All parts for a Rc Submarine you get from
    “Alexander Engel Modellbau” and” Hasse Modelbau” they have parts for statik diving.

  • francis1100

    A very beautiful …
    A very beautiful model!! Very well done! I too would love to see it action! Great job, Leon!!

  • planemaker554

    hey i want to make …
    hey i want to make a rc submarine but where do i get the matrials ans electronics?

  • merocks11738

    that sub is awsome. …
    that sub is awsome. where did you get that hull?

  • subcaptian

    How much for it?
    How much for it?

  • marilynrt

    This is mesmerizing …
    This is mesmerizing!! Wow… I’m impressed and would love to see it in action 🙂 The music is perfect Leon.

  • Brookesheppard

    Leon, that was …
    Leon, that was awesome! I totally had to laugh at the Jaws soundtrack. That looks amazing. let me know when you’re gonna take ‘er out for a spin! 😉

  • patsyw26

    You did an awesome …
    You did an awesome job!! I am proud of you!!!

    Sub Commander Patsy

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