RC Twin Pulse Jet

Scratch built RC Twin pulse jet powered delta.

Valved engines running on unleaded petrol. 1 liter of fuel per engine for 10 mins of flying.

230mph top speed. 10 mins duration.

Check out http://tinyurl.com/yjhg3ma for more incredible RC aircraft.

Duration : 0:2:56

25 comments to RC Twin Pulse Jet

  • beardeddragonsrock12

    damn i wish i had …
    i wish i had one


    hahaha go RC buzz …
    hahaha go RC buzz bomb! This is awesome!!!!!!!

  • ELHV

    Man, that thing is …
    Man, that thing is singin’! And hell, it’s awful fast, too!
    Nice plane.

  • MsBarneygumble

    That`s Amazing .cool
    That`s Amazing .cool

  • VolkgartenBySquirrel

    That much fun can …
    That much fun can NOT be legal! I’m going to start studying right now! THANK YOU for this video!

  • sking0369

    Wow, greased that …
    Wow, greased that one onto the runway. Did you balance the control surfaces to keep fluter away?

  • jeffb8074

    that thing is …
    that thing is awsome i dont know how you can even fly this thing haha great job my cousin flies little rc planes and loves them i will show him this vid i think he will crap himself haha ๐Ÿ™‚ 10*

  • bodayshus


  • aspencer80

    That landing was …
    That landing was sick! 5 stars!

  • mp5masta

    How do you make a …
    How do you make a pulse jet?

  • REI02021809

    These pulse jets …
    These pulse jets make one heck of a noise

  • steve2839jet

    Cheers. No, the …
    Cheers. No, the model is not hard to fly, you just need to stay ‘ahead’ of it. Going at that speed, it is easy for the model to ‘get away’ from you. Overall it has pretty benign handling characteristics.

  • spokaneeric1

    Very cool man, very …
    Very cool man, very cool. Looks like that is a to keep under control? Take care!!!

  • drako1000

    that amazing how …
    that amazing how the did you get such a high speed out of it, its like a real jet flying past =p

  • moleman1961

    Thats how you knew …
    Thats how you knew when to take cover in London during the war! When the noise stopped thats when the V1 came down.

  • steve2839jet

    Not until you try …
    Not until you try to video something like this do you realise it is nearly impossible to video properly. I often hear professional TV camera men giving off expletives trying to follow slower models than this!

  • steve2839jet

    ๐Ÿ™‚ I have enough …
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I have enough trouble trying to fly the thing, let alone talk at the same time!! lol

    Didn’t you know, women are the only ones who can do TWO things at once!

    Thanks for your kind comment!

  • bundoranboy1

    the camera work is …
    the camera work is bad in this i myself could do better

  • peter5z

    Great project, …
    Great project, thanks! I’d really enjoy some voice over commentary on the engines and what it’s like to fly the plane.

  • johndoe528

    I’m impressed ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m impressed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ZenonDorinPower

    i loke how the …
    i loke how the engine stops…vrrrrrrr/…nothing

  • ZenonDorinPower

    ohh…the first …
    ohh…the first styrofoam rc jet one=))

  • Runetatti

    the sound is so …
    the sound is so different of what i have ever heard..sick. in good way. 5 stars!

  • chorioretinitis

    at 230 mph it’s …
    at 230 mph it’s more like “no RC, no wall”

  • shredtheibanez

    you even landed it! …
    you even landed it! Amazing. I’d be scared to fly one of those! Afraid id crash it, or worse, the batteries die and the servos lock on.. Every RC worst nightmare. Petrol RC + Wall = no rc ๐Ÿ™

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