Setting up The Tornado 4WD Nitro Buggy

This Video shows the Setting up of RedCat Racing’s 1/10 Scale Off road 4WD Nitro Buggy in a quick fast forward manners. The video itself is very self explanatory. Check it out on as well. hope you like it. Cheers

Duration : 0:5:28

25 comments to Setting up The Tornado 4WD Nitro Buggy

  • alishanmao

    wow nice, what did …
    wow nice, what did you do

  • hesthecoolkidd12

    i have one i …
    i have one i upgraded it alot i can get it up to 97 mph.

  • wowthatskol

    is a 1/10 slower …
    is a 1/10 slower then a 1/6 scale???

  • alishanmao


  • alishanmao

    could be possible …
    could be possible oil is leaking from some where else and getting to pull start

  • jthornley12

    Hi ali πŸ™‚ Just …
    Hi ali πŸ™‚ Just noticed something today, my pull start cord has oil all over it! If i extend it and run my fingers down the string its completely soaked in oil πŸ™ Why is this? It must be a air leak but I took it off and everything seems to be tightened nicely πŸ™‚ Cheers

  • MusTanGPrOx

    Is that vx-18 …
    Is that vx-18 engine smillar to t-rex ?

  • alishanmao

    there are better …
    there are better choice on our site check it out

  • dog937

    i am new to rc is …
    i am new to rc is this the car for me

  • jthornley12

    well if your in uk …
    well if your in uk 2 and half litres is around Β£18 or so

  • nohope112

    whats the price of …
    whats the price of a can of rc feul?

  • alishanmao

    Cars don’t fly so …
    Cars don’t fly so they don’t break that often. or do not get totaled. πŸ™‚ LOL Planes and Helis fly in sky, one mistake and they are gone. However, nothing beats the excitement of flying. Plus there are many more options when it comes flying. RC cars just nothing but racing driving and jumping. Planes and helis have many more things to do and learn. Plus Don’t forget FPV flying puts you in the seat of your Own RC Plane making you real pilot πŸ˜‰

  • Razzia069

    Hey mate I have …
    Hey mate I have watched all your vids and they are great!. I was just wondering which rc hobby is the best in your opinion. Because I’am not sure wheather I should go with planes or buggies.

    Keep the good vids coming!

  • alishanmao

    go 20% or 25%
    go 20% or 25%

  • robertismad

    what percent nitro …
    what percent nitro you use for the buggy


  • Naturepheonix

    Fruit Punch …

    Fruit Punch for fuel.
    Exactly what I need πŸ˜‰

  • alishanmao

    if nothing is …
    if nothing is available on field, that works

  • HockeyJockOne

    hey i saw u used …
    hey i saw u used nitro on your air filter instead of air filter oil. Does nitro work too?

  • alishanmao

    nops as new ones …
    nops as new ones keep coming

  • flyboy6753

    hey dont you ever …
    hey dont you ever get tired of all these cars u have

  • alishanmao

    LOL,, who wanna …
    LOL,, who wanna look at boring instructions

  • alishanmao

    Already know that. …
    Already know that. Thanks for tip anyways mate. mine is DCR-SR42

  • steeeven1

    just felt i’d give …
    just felt i’d give you a tip with your camcorder, i noticed when you’re using the tripod while setting the car up, the view is moving slightly to the left and right. i noticed my camcorder did the same thing when i was using a tripod. i saw you say somewhere your camcorder is sony? (same as mine) if you turn the steadyshot function off while using it on the tripod it stops doing that πŸ˜€ soz if you already knew that. btw, what model is your camcorder?

  • steeeven1

    lol i never noticed …
    lol i never noticed this before but when you pull the instructions out, you kind of do that gesture to say “Yeah, awesome instructions, and antenna tube!” and then you just chuck it down on the floor xD i really have no idea why i found that so funny

  • alishanmao

    Well what is the …
    Well what is the link?

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