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Pershing RC Tank. HengLong Snow Leopard 1/16th tank at work (HD Video)

The Pershing goes for a spin on some recently cleared ground in our garden.
This HD video includes a number of special slow motion shots and effects to improve the viewing experience.
Check out my earlier tank videos also.

Duration : 0:4:23

14 comments to Pershing RC Tank. HengLong Snow Leopard 1/16th tank at work (HD Video)

  • doggiedog142

    aw no. no …
    aw no. no freakin way am i rippin this tank apart. not worth it…im gonna check out the video anyway…

  • mikesndbs

    Hi yes it did LOL …
    Hi yes it did LOL if you check my channel you will find a service guide for the tank which shows how to get near the LED! looks like they used a very low resistor which causes it to burn out the LED. I concluded it was not worth the risk of causing damage to try and repair it.

  • doggiedog142

    i have this excact …
    i have this excact tank! i absolutly love it. but does your machine gun light work? mine stopped…

  • mikesndbs

    Hey thanks, really …
    Hey thanks, really kind of you to say 🙂

  • jn98guy

    idk why but this …
    idk why but this reminds me of the russian buit t-34, it in a way has a simmular shape. awsome video and obviously cool tank and vieo making skills

  • mikesndbs

    The are quite a few …
    The are quite a few on-line shops that sell them, Nitrotek is where I got mine.

  • ships1112

    where do you get …
    where do you get those they look so cool

  • stuartthegrant

    Looked great on my …
    Looked great on my desktop Mike in HD.

  • mikesndbs

    OK Stuart thanks, I …
    OK Stuart thanks, I noticed that clicking the HD option on my laptop the video looked jerky and played best in normal mode, where as on the main PC is looks great in HD.

  • stuartthegrant

    Well Mike it was …
    Well Mike it was great picture quality, I loved the tanks..

  • mikesndbs

    Wow thanks, did the …
    Wow thanks, did the HD play ok?

  • mikesndbs

    Hey thanks Angel
    Hey thanks Angel

  • stuartthegrant

    Well done mike …
    Well done mike realy enjoyed this vidio..
    I want one

  • sussexangel

    great vid….great …
    great vid….great effects…..another inspired performance from mikesndbs

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