Drones Threaten RC Model Flying

If the government can ruin something good they will by passing more laws to protect those that don’t understand there are already laws in place to protect your privacy. Of course maybe not so much from the government 🙂

I cam across this video I think speaks for it self about just what we may […]

Disney Nautilus RC Submarine

More math about the Nautilus than most would care to know.


7ft web page


Up until the last two times I’ve conducted speed tests I thought the nose dive effect was possibly an artifact of the model not applicable or insignificant to the full size or large replica.

However, now, I am convinced […]

Radio Controlled Mini Submarine by Red Horse Part 1

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I never thought that a submarine could be made into a toy due to it’s technical complexities. However I was wrong and I bought this sub off eBay for £25. See Part 2 where the sub is tested in proper water…


Duration : 0:1:29


Submarine Neptune SB-1

RC submarine in deep waters. See ships, ducks, fishes with on-board camera FPV from sub, very cool.

Duration : 0:9:57

RC Submarine

RC submarine (Walter Mart toy)at Aquarium video. Running a test of this little submarine was fun along with being informative. Although this may not be the greatest video for veteran submariners.

Duration : 0:6:25

Subdog RC Submarine

DreamArt Subdog RC Submarine test in the pool, not too bad for a small sub. Maneuvers pretty good.

Duration : 0:2:21

RC Submarine adjustable ballast

Adjustable Ballast.

Adjustable ballast for a homemade RC submarine. This video shows the inner workings of how this ballast works. Test so far are a good indicator that the ballast will work great in a live underwater test.

Duration : 0:2:21

rc submarine torpedo part 4

A hot run from complete torpedo out of the launch tube

Duration : 0:0:54

rc submarine torpedo

layout of electric torpedo and function of the magneticscwitch

Duration : 0:0:37

Akula K-157 RC Submarine

My 1/96 Scale Akula II submarine on its first patrol. Based on a hull by Scaleships, and home made water tight module and a piston ballast tank. Taken at Eaton Park, Norwich UK, August 2008.

Duration : 0:4:17