rc submarine torpedo

layout of electric torpedo and function of the magneticscwitch

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  • solitajre222

    where did you get …
    where did you get the engine?

  • XgamesRULE

    does it explode
    does it explode

  • krishrocks17

    its nice can u help …
    its nice can u help me in buiding an sub that would be of great help

  • akman125480

    dude that is sweet
    dude that is sweet

  • helinator

    Your rc isn’t the …
    Your rc isn’t the only size out there.

  • Knikebein

    It’s a torpedo for …
    It’s a torpedo for a rc submarine, try my other vids

  • Knikebein

    In your case i …
    In your case i would go for the gastorpedo, at the webpage of rcgroups you can find more info

  • cooliodude96529

    dude, thast huge, …
    dude, thast huge, it would never fit on ym RC. Is it an RC torpedo, or a torpedo FOR an RC?

  • Knikebein

    No warhead, the …
    No warhead, the size of the torpedo is to small, i have only 2 grams of weight left before it sinks.

  • anthonyr96

    im trying to make a …
    im trying to make a torpedo small enough to launch out of maybe a 1/72 scale gato cruiser i estimate it to be 5 feet long id like to make torpedos for a smaller sized one but i cant make the torpedo small enough any suggestions

  • rogierius

    Where is the …
    Where is the warhead?

  • Drinutdi

    Could you please …
    Could you please suggest how i can move a propeller underwater without leaking water in the sub, and are there any products out there? Oh and instead of moving flaps to control pitch in my submarine i’m using a motor thath moves a wieght to upset the center of gravity. and the same for roll only on a leteral movment, however i still have to make a rudder to steer it? How can one make a water proof rudder?

  • Knikebein

    That white tube …
    That white tube contains a magnet, switching the torpedo on/off with the reedswitch.

  • ironpeter2081

    what in that white …
    what in that white tube that when you move it away turns on the torpedo?

  • Knikebein

    I use the …
    I use the contrarotation to stabilise the torp just like a bullet.
    To make sure there is enough rotation and keep it straight in the water everything of the electric stuff is in the center of the torp.

  • Komet163B

    I am trying to …
    I am trying to figure out the best way to build a contra-rotating propeller set up for a 1/9 scale torpedo, just like the real G7e electric torpedo.. I see your torpedo has a single propeller. Doesn’t it suffer from torque roll and tend to want to spin around in the opposite direction of the electric motor’s rotation, or all least roll to one side while running?

  • 4apples

    Thanks!!, il will …
    Thanks!!, il will rush down to my local hobby shop now. Thanks for this vid!

  • Knikebein

    I Had the same idea …
    I Had the same idea, and used the frontend of a cigartube, the back end is made of a special kind of plastick.
    This plastick has the property to float, you can also use corck.

  • 4apples

    How did you make …
    How did you make this? im thinking about using the aluminium tube from a bad cigar for the front, but dont know hov to make the end yet, any suggestions?


    he used a cigartube …
    he used a cigartube to build it

  • merocks11738

    i have been trying …
    i have been trying to build a torpedo such as the one you used but i have been having a hard time with it. i know how the insides of you torpedoe works and my ideas are similar except mine has a warhead that uses a fire craker to tell the boat that it has been sunk. so the hardest part for me is the casing of the torpedo. did you make yours of buy it. if so where did you buy it. please help.

  • ghostofthedeep

    what kind of shaft …
    what kind of shaft seal do u use or how do u seal the shaft

  • Kinke

    I had to laugh. I …
    I had to laugh. I built the same thing 10 years ago with a pager motor and a reed switch from a microphone switch. I will have to do a video. The biggest draw back was the cost, ability to recover, and the torpedo would counter spin, reducing forward energy.

  • bstanko6

    you know what i …
    you know what i apologize i did not see the other videos…you got a great looking model there and i hope you dont mind me taking notes for my typhoon class. Again, great work. You should be proud!

  • Knikebein

    I use a …
    I use a springsystem to push the torpedo out of the tube.

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