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RC Submarine adjustable ballast

Adjustable Ballast.

Adjustable ballast for a homemade RC submarine. This video shows the inner workings of how this ballast works. Test so far are a good indicator that the ballast will work great in a live underwater test.

Duration : 0:2:21

25 comments to RC Submarine adjustable ballast

  • jack4373

    looks like a good …
    looks like a good idea but will it work.

  • 5heeshi

    I like cheese
    I like cheese

  • 1m2345678910

    how does it work
    how does it work

  • 1kreature

    Very nice!
    Elegant …

    Very nice!
    Elegant solution.

    The point is to balance the sub close to neutral boyancy so that the small change provided by the syringes will adjust the “float level”. This would allow for very fine control and might even allow that 3ft submerged neutral boyancy float that is so hard to achieve.

    I think there might be a small unbalance or binding in one of your gears though, causing the gagagagaga kind of drive.

  • hantumaut

    Do you know where …
    Do you know where to buy WTC ? Thanks

  • vinny4punt0

    it actiuely does …
    it actiuely does work u might need a bigger engine and the water it moves around is not that mutch but it will work and if u dont wat an 2000$ remote controller becouse of all the valves and channels it uses if u got compressed air this is a great solution i got my self a waterpump connected to a pvc pipe witch air in it if i let the pump run (6m watercollum) it compresses the air in the pvc pipe and lets water flow in and if i turn the pump off the compressed air will aumateacley push the water

  • zeophoto

    Slick thinking
    Slick thinking

  • alpasonik


  • mbcNOOFS



    if you are going to …
    if you are going to place this on your dream submarine mate this does not seem to work. the SYRINGE that you use are too small and eats a lot of space and not big enough to contain water to make your project to sink and at the same time to float. the motor is heavier and seems to require DC 12V supply.try working on compressed air from an air tank or maybe a vacuum tube ( sort like piston ) maybe that will work.

  • tgnjkl

    It “eat” about 1A. …
    It “eat” about 1A. at 12V.

  • aserta

    great idea but that …
    great idea but that engine seems to eat a lot of power

  • tgnjkl

    Is a “surplus” …
    Is a “surplus” motor from a small printer. Is equal to a standard “speed 400” but it works at 12V.

  • ObserverSUB

    Very cool! Good …
    Very cool! Good work. Would love to know what motor it is….

  • 715sexymama715

    i like it… its …
    i like it… its neat

  • tgnjkl

    If you go to the RC …
    If you go to the RC forum indicated (miliamperios)in video and search for “tgnjkl submarino” you will find all information about it and the homemade schematic diagrams of a complete failsafe system to prevent lost of submarine returning it automatically to surface if an internal errors occurs or the RC signal is not good. If you have any question do not hesitate contact me by e-mail (you will found it in the Rc forum)

  • bakoom

    ok just thought to …
    ok just thought to make it proportional would be easier. if you put it on a slider on your transmitter you also know how far the “pumps” have moved. but still you could put it on a failsave channel to make the boat rise, just in case of ..

  • tgnjkl

    The motor of the …
    The motor of the tank is controlled by a channel of the command RC. When descend the lever, the tank itself full of water slowly, when to rise the lever the tank is emptied also slowly, when leave the lever in the center the motor does not move and you can adjust the weight of the ballast, leaving the submarine to the depth desired. The endswitches are only to disconnect the motor once arrive at max. travel and to protect all the mechanism.

  • bakoom

    hi ehm this one …
    hi ehm this one only goes full up or full down … i had the same idea, but instead if using endswitches you can also use a linear potentiometer. if you attach it to a servo-electronic, it will also drive the engine(provided the servo was big enough to handle the current of your motor) like this you get a proportional channel for the depth! please tell me if my idea worked 😉

  • planeMaster48

    really cool! Got …
    really cool! Got any plans for it? I was thinking of making a balast for my homemade sub.

  • azhitman33

    way cool idea!!
    way cool idea!!

  • azhitman33

    Excellant Idea.
    Excellant Idea.

  • ihor14

    cool but slow
    cool but slow

  • v1bre

    to slow imo
    to slow imo

  • tgnjkl

    Le sub. n’a pas …
    Le sub. n’a pas même navigué, il est nécessaire de faire avant les essais dynamiques.

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