Parrot AR Drone Controlled by iPad

Parrot AR Drone

By, Linus Tech Tips

I looked around for a good video to show off the new way to control a radio controlled craft, and found this cool video.

This video shows how you can control a Parrot AR Drone with an Apple iPad, with and without line-of-site. The AR Drone has […]

Welcome to all things Radio Controlled

This site is all about the Radio Controlled Craft, in other words the Craft known as Radio Control.

You will find all sorts of stories, videos and images, dealing with things that are in the Air, Sea, or on Land. Maybe even Space!

If you would like to have your cool thing that is Radio […]

St Albans RC Submarine Pool Run

Video Montage of the model RC Submarine pool run, showing off its dive and surface capabilities.

Duration : 0:3:39

RC Boat Kits

There are dozens of types & classes of RC boat kits. Mainly organized by engine and hull types.

Race: Established at National and International levels.

Fast Racing Boat

Circuit Straight line


Electric Motor Glow Plug Flash Steam Gasoline / Petrol


Mono Hydro Cat Outrigger Eco, a self righting jelly mold […]

The Radio Control Hall of Fame

I ran across a great website today, The Radio Control Hall of Fame. Dedicated to the Three Dreams of Radio Control “Any Control, Multi Control, and Proportional Control”. They have a wonderful website with an amazing collection of radio controls from days gone by, along with the Advertisements from old newspapers and more, […]

Radio Control, Just what the Doctor Ordered

Radio Control gets a boost from Qualcomm & InTouch Health

EV-DO Rev A Robot Demo of Remote Presence™ Technology by InTouch Health

The Radio Controlled Craft is Fun for all ages but be careful

Of the many hobbies and activities that are interesting and fun, which hobby interests you the most? Some like to collect stamps or coins while others prefer maintaining scrapbooks. One hobby (not that I’m prejudice) which is fun for all ages is flying radio controlled airplanes or anything IMHO, that is radio controlled or remote […]