The Radio Controlled Craft is Fun for all ages but be careful

Of the many hobbies and activities that are interesting and fun, which hobby interests you the most? Some like to collect stamps or coins while others prefer maintaining scrapbooks. One hobby (not that I’m prejudice) which is fun for all ages is flying radio controlled airplanes or anything IMHO, that is radio controlled or remote controlled. It does not matter what age or category you belong to, this activity is bound to excite you and you will surely find a lot of joy and have a great deal of fun with it.

All types of radio controlled gadgets are available in the market place. The most popular being radio controlled vehicles of all types and sizes, and in all price ranges. The radio controlled craft is for the most part very safe. However you do need to be careful while operating any type of radio controlled item. Most of the retail sold radio controlled items travel at speeds well within the safe limit; however, there are some (especially hand made prototypes) that can travel at speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour. While it may be fun, lots of fun to control such items you need to be extra careful while maneuvering them. You should always make sure you are in an area that is secure from anyone onlooking that may get injured, or any pets that may get in the way of your fun. Remember it’s your responsibility to make sure nobody gets hurt, when your in control.

If you are new to the radio controlled craft, why not seek out a club in your area. Most don’t mind if you just hang out a little and check them out. And if you join a club, I’m sure you won’t regret it. If you find there’s no clubs in your area, you can always start your own club. Or you could also start an exchange program where you exchange your vehicles with others. It all boils down to your neighborhood and your level of interest in joining or starting a radio controlled or remote controlled club.

If starting a club or joining one is something you don’t want to do, but you are interested in finding a radio controlled vehicle, there are many options available such as local hobby shops, or you could visit some of the online vendors. Some of the things to think about are, what type of vehicle? land, air, sea, etc. And what your expectations are from the vehicle? Do you want a vehicle that will run on cemented roads, an all terrain vehicle that can go on the grass, dirt, sand or do you want something that can fly or go on or under water? Are you going to use it or is it meant for someone else? If it’s for someone else, it’s always good to thank of what age they are and the neighborhood they live in. In fact before buying a radio controlled item, maybe a membership to a local club would be a better choice to start off with. These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before just running out and buying one.

Radio Controlled Buggy


Once all the above questions are answered it’s time to find something that suits your requirements. If you have children consider starting out by buying a set of radio controlled cars one for you and one for your child or children. These cars closely resemble the original models; the only difference is that they much smaller in size. You can always find a spot in your neighborhood to run a car, where an airplane or water craft may be harder to accommodate. And with most radio controlled vehicles you can conduct mock races, for hours of fun.

And FUN! is what it’s all about.

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