Radio Control, It’s Not just for Airplanes anymore. . .

In my study of the radio controlled craft, size doesn’t matter. Big or small and I mean very small now a days. You can build or adapt just about anything to be radio controlled.

When I was in high school me and some friends took an old wheelchair, some dc motors, batteries and radio controlled parts one of us had collected over the years. And made it so we could control the wheelchair in any direction we wanted it to go.

You might think, why would anyone want to do this? Why not just use a motorized wheelchair in the first place. 1 they don’t come with radio controls, and 2 where would the fun be in that!

Oh and the story didn’t stop at building the wheelchair, you see it was October and Halloween was the next day. So after building a cool motorized radio controlled wheelchair, you of course had to create a decrepit corpse to place in the wheelchair. It looked very real when we were done, but the added touch was adding a recorder with groaning sounds coming from the corpse.

Of course after building it we had to take it for a test run, and Halloween Night was perfect. We borrowed my friends dads truck and loaded the wheelchair into the back. Drove down to one of the local grave yards and left the wheelchair guy later named “Corpsus” in one of the parking spots.

We drove out of the grave yard and across to a McDonald’s across the street. Then waited for some unsuspecting people to walk by the grave yard. The perfect moment to drive Corpsus out of the grave yard and down the street, across the stop light and over to the McDonald’s.

All and all, some fantastic fun.

So as you can tell by now, I’m not going to make just another site that only talks about what you can buy and fly. Not that you won’t see that also, but I want to hear and see photos of things you have done in the radio controlled craft of your own.

I will be adding a place to submit the projects you have created, so I can share them to give others inspiration to create something of their own. But for now, please just email me your project with photos and a story about your project to

I will post them for all to see, unless there X rated. Then I will be forced to look but won’t be able to post them 🙂

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