1/8th Exceed RC MadFire .28 Nitro RC Buggy! RAAACING Edition!!!


The new generation of 1/8 Buggy are here with much newly added features and functions. Everything from the ground-up has been reinvented and modified to enhance the delight of having fun with the RC once again.

This massive 1/8 MadFire Buggy comes with Level .21 engine for speed of swiftness, polished aluminum chassis to provide clean look as well as sturdiness, adjustable shocks to have perfect landing, a bigger fuel tank that can hold 125cc. The impressiveness of the MadFire can be seen right out of the box when examine at first glance from the well-built interior to the magnificent exterior designs. From the front bumper to the back bumper all pieces have been build to last. Included in the MadFire are aluminum muffler for superior protection and better looks, and heavy duty metal gear steering servo so you dont have to worry about it breaking. Even the rims are now hardened chrome rims and colossal tires to triumph over the world. Use the MadFire to climb off road terrain, stony hills, rocky backyards, or wherever the road may take you. For the MadFire will lead the way to new standards for the RC world and conquer all.

Duration : 0:1:41

25 comments to 1/8th Exceed RC MadFire .28 Nitro RC Buggy! RAAACING Edition!!!

  • amdintelxsniperx

    received the …
    received the limited edition im extremely impressed with the quality of this kit comes with a modded go engine no more cxp ๐Ÿ˜€ rubber shielded front bearing etc 4 port sleeve boost swirl on back of crank shaft and all parts are even polished now ๐Ÿ˜€ great job nitrorcx servos are even better quality you guys really got your act together :d and also radio is better quality as well :d

  • solidboredness

    i might get one!
    i might get one!

  • JonSmokal

    really good video!

    really good video!
    and extreme cool buggys!

  • sumo115

    Awesome video, the …
    Awesome video, the music suits perfectly. Loving the car.

  • 96bikerider96

    that looks A LOT …
    that looks A LOT like mine, but my has a hummer h2 cover ?? lol

  • chrsimps

    hey i just orderd a …
    hey i just orderd a 1/8 scale pro madfire .28 engine gas nitro rc car but its got a week before it ships how fast can it reech its top speed

  • lasrII

    The top end and low …
    The top end and low end is way bigger in .21 engines(racing)So guys if you really want too have load of fun go for .21racing engines but offcourse is only a little problem there MONEY they cost but what the hell, do you have money for a car like that!!then you can afford a racing engine…

  • lasrII

    i hav no problem …
    i hav no problem bashing with my RB S7 L2G in one of my buggies i also have a RB WS7L2G but i only using that in racing, WTF it can be used in bashing as well:So if people wants extreme bashing machines buy a .21 Racing motor like OS Vspec RB WS7 RBC6BB Novarossi Nosram sirius its a lot of bad engines out there and they are .21. Its another world driving with racing engines you can seriously see and feel the differense and for those who looks for .28 in a buggy.. they are babies compared

  • amdintelxsniperx

    agreed a 28 is a …
    agreed a 28 is a bit overkill and in most spec and pro race machines classes a .21 is the leagal but as a bas her id take the 28 :d

  • rmkknot

    tis car looks good …
    tis car looks good but i got a 1/16 blur and every piece of the drive shaft and gearing broke. will this happen as much with this car?

  • AznPlasmaPsycho

    dose comex hobbys …
    dose comex hobbys sell nitro fuel?

  • ortixx

    i wanna buy one. …
    i wanna buy one. Does it come with a remote?

  • lasrII

    why does …
    why does .28 engines in a buggy
    jesus wake up!!!!.21’s rip em appart
    before answering do some researces!!!!!!

  • amdintelxsniperx

    its not ๐Ÿ™‚ most …
    its not ๐Ÿ™‚ most people only say that cuz they had another car that wasnt that good but the madfire is pretty nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • vwloverman

    someone needs to …
    someone needs to start putting racing notros in these and have a little button on the romote so u can use it

  • nitrorcx


  • ruffkiller

    which gas did you …
    which gas did you guys use on this buggy for this video?

  • BigManlyMan4

    I had my O.S. .18 …
    I had my O.S. .18 size nitro engine running on 5% nitro, and it ran cool an had throttle response. It was tuned perfect.

  • BigManlyMan4

    wont work, gasoline …
    wont work, gasoline doesnt have the right lubricity and it would probs clog the carb.

  • TheNitrorckid

    this buggy looks …
    this buggy looks awsome but most people say its a pieace of crap and im getting one but to me its kul just the white pple r trippin

  • NAFTube14

    it probily nitro …
    it probily nitro gas tht wats my hyper speed runs on

  • nitrorcx

    Nitro Gas ONLY 20% …
    Nitro Gas ONLY 20% mix recommended

  • machomamajr

    idk if this will …
    idk if this will run on gasoline or nitro gas plz tell me i want it to run on gasoline

  • austinkx09

    was exceed rc …
    was exceed rc founded by an a american?

  • hamanicent

    what gas is the …
    what gas is the best for the madfire

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