Radio Controlled Bi-Plane. Amazing Detail..!

While at the Tulsa Glu Dober’s Air Show, I created this Clip of an amazingly well detailed Radio Controlled Bi-Plane. These people at the Glu Dober’s Club are highly skilled at all that they do in these miniature versions of real aircrafts.

Duration : 0:1:17

2 comments to Radio Controlled Bi-Plane. Amazing Detail..!

  • StuffGoesBoom

    Man glue dobbers …
    Man glue dobbers has changed so much in only a year… I was just out there yesterday for the “2nd maiden” of my Hangar-9 P-47 after it was downed to a dead receiver battery in those tress on the right side of the screen… oh and calvinsoldman… I dont know about the guy that made the video but I’m from Tulsa

  • Calvinsoldman

    Is this Waco yours? …
    Is this Waco yours? If so are you from Tulsa.

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