Fly a Ultimate 120 Nitro RC Bi-Plane w/ Hot Smoking Trail This is the radio controlled, glow powered, almost ready to fly Ultimate Biplane Giant 120 Scale RC Airplane.
For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Flyers. Ultimate Biplane 120 ARF comes with its two wings completely covered, expertly slotted and ready to assembled. These wings, like the rest of the kit, are beautifully built, sanded and covered with polyester covering. The kit also comes with mounted struts, a painted fiberglass cowl and molded wheel pants and hardware

Duration : 0:16:7

17 comments to Fly a Ultimate 120 Nitro RC Bi-Plane w/ Hot Smoking Trail

  • Boostland

    Enya – Angels and …
    Enya – Angels and Smash Mouth – All Star

  • wilso2k3

    Great video, plane …
    Great video, plane looks awesome and flew even better, smoke looks sweet, just as good as the real thing done at air shows.

  • robytryall

    cool plane and …
    cool plane and realy great flyght!!!
    somebody knows the songs name at 6:30 and 12:50?

  • rcflyerct

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your comments to you and everyone .

  • rcflyerct

    Just a neutral …
    Just a neutral background song, I’ve been flying this as one of my all time favorites, not to big not to small, and exceptional performance,

  • rcflyerct

    Its totally 3d …
    Its totally 3d capable depending on balance point which should be about 1/4 behind suggested point and increase the power plant, the 120 4 stroke is ideal for a great aerobatic performer w/smoke. really great plane, I LOVE IT!

  • rcflyerct

    Its my …
    Its my understanding that the pitts was the first on the scene followed by the ultimate and I believe that the pitts influence was incorprated in its design


    is this airplane …
    is this airplane modled after a Pitts???

  • ssrc30

    Awesome plane, …
    Awesome plane, can’t wait to get one of my own. How is this one performing as far as 3D is concerned? I’m mostly into the old school aerobatics myself, but I like to dabble with the dark side now and then lol…. Great video as always. 5/5

  • cambigfoot88

    gay song but ausom …
    gay song but ausom plane

  • stphndxtr

    And the music was …
    And the music was chosen…. why? Lol. Nice plane.

  • saxracing

    Great video/ …
    Great video/explanation.
    This plane is my favorite!

  • revmkell

    Sweet!! Way to …
    Sweet!! Way to stick a landing!

  • rcflyerct

    Nice to hear from …
    Nice to hear from another biplane enthusiast: Golden Age Aviators we’re an elite group to everyone that hasn’t experienced the intrigue of biplane flying, you gotta try one

  • rcflyerct

    you should have at …
    you should have at least a 120 4-stroke engine or better. check out bisson mufflers or jtecrc and tell them which engine your running and ask for a matching muffler w/smoke tap on it. Sullivan products has the skywriter smoke pump systems and get a 16 oz tank. This is an easy setup and you should be able to get it equipped withing an hour or so.

  • rcplanetim53

    nice video.. very …
    nice video.. very informative… nice flying at the field too… i like biplanes too. i think they are very snappy… a joy to fly..i have 2 biplanes.. nothing quit as nice as yours though..1 is a daredevil by parkflyers and the other is a riot 3D… i will have to check out some of your other videos.. glad i came across you.. im going to leave you with my daredevil.. its not as nice as yours.. but it does fly well… great video…rcplanetim

  • bigadd43

    great video i like …
    great video i like to know more about the smoke build of it looks great i want a smoke pump..

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