RC tank Bradley gas engine powered crushing beercans

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6 comments to RC tank Bradley gas engine powered crushing beercans

  • saberdryver

    That things got …
    That things got great suspension travel is it me or were those olympia beers…didnt quint crush them in jaws

  • slopedarmor

    Awesome! It does a …
    Awesome! It does a better job at crushing cans than a 1:4 King tiger! How much does this bradley weigh?

  • GodlessMartyr666

    actually your also …
    actually your also wrong

    the m2 ( Bradley ) is actually an IFV. Which stands for ” Infantry fighting vehicle “. Basically a tracked armored personnel carrier with a big gun on it, and alot of infantry soldiers in back.

    the russians started that little trend with their BMP-1 , which is a crazy tank that can also be a boat and an APC all at once. Also it has a defensible seal to keep everyone inside safe, should a nuclear weapon explode somewhere nearby and spread fallout radiation over it

  • NightHawk5253

    How much does that …
    How much does that thing weight?

  • silky19kilo

    I want one as well. …
    I want one as well. But a Bradley is not a tank, its an APC =)

  • weetnietgeen

    like Will Smith …
    like Will Smith said in ”Independance Day” : I’ve got to get me one of these!!

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