Radio Controlled Mini Submarine by Red Horse Part 1


I never thought that a submarine could be made into a toy due to it’s technical complexities. However I was wrong and I bought this sub off eBay for £25. See Part 2 where the sub is tested in proper water…


Duration : 0:1:29


Radio-controlled submarine, drydocked

Standard advice building an r/c submarine is that you have to have three channels at least (rudder, drive, diving fins). But this homebuild only uses two channels. I used a $20 toy r/c board (got me out of buying a $100 + hobby-grade setup). So what’s the range, with a toy r/c setup, no hobby-grade […]

Panzer l RC tank EXTREME small RC conversion!

Probably due to its small size, RC Panzer 1 tank has never been seen. As the first tank of the legendary WW2 Panzers, it deserves to be recognized. This is my attempt to RC-model one, of the 1/35 scale.

Duration : 0:6:39

RC tank Bradley gas engine powered crushing beercans

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Duration : 0:1:2