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RC Jet Plane making fast passes

Again, another fast jet plane doing fly-by’s. Maverick and Goose would be jealous

Duration : 0:1:19

21 comments to RC Jet Plane making fast passes

  • ratheads

    *yawn* I’ve seen …
    *yawn* I’ve seen faster electrics.

  • zeek3177

    actually more than …
    actually more than 200 more like 300 even for a wren 44 which has ten pounds of thrust

  • hgrowl

    I really hate …
    I really hate people who try to talk all sophisticated n like they’re some university professor… Hence the word JERK.. Just relax dude.

  • the1bigace

    I would believe it …
    I would believe it too. These things are like projectiles. However I have seen a ducted fan F-15 that hit about 100KTS and it looks like it might be faster than that but the guy holding the radar gun didnt want to find out 🙂 As for the licence It seems sensible to need one but as of now I dont think it is required

  • drew00629

    Look it up. A …
    Look it up. A turbine powered rc jet requires a pilots license to operate, because they travel faster then 200mph. This is an FAA law.. hence the term FELONY. a 200mph toy jet could easily take down an airliner.

  • amsTsi

    It doesnt work like …
    It doesnt work like u think…its not a felony, they r rc planes.U just r not insured and if u have an accident…say u hurt or kill somebody then ur screwed. Coverage is 2,500,000 ! and its cheap, $50 a year. The speed is limited to 200 for insurance issues but they r capable of much more.

  • drew00629

    i looked into this …
    i looked into this awhile back.
    #1. a pilots license is required to operate it (its a felony if you operate one without it…
    #2. the jet engine alone runs around $6000.
    #3. their average speed is around 200mph

  • tutobear

    hey bud id like to …
    hey bud id like to purchase a ready to fly jet that u mentioned was fast could you give me a website to order from and a roundabout price plz?

  • mrhaydon

    great touch dwn mate
    great touch dwn mate

  • traxxastmaxx33

    how steady are jets.
    how steady are jets.

  • wowweekid

    love to see it …
    love to see it crash at that speed

  • 12487643

    smooth landing
    smooth landing

  • phatcallow

    i have seen …
    i have seen electric ducted planes go faster than that

  • Physhi

    Uh, what the heck? …
    Uh, what the heck? Those passes weren’t fast compared to others I’ve seen.

  • croninn

    Crapneck, funny …
    Crapneck, funny name,,, nice video. Smooth pilot.

  • saber33

    did u …

    did u actually clock how fast it went?
    id like to know

  • Randomguy44444

    thats one plane i …
    thats one plane i wouldnt whant to have crashing into my croch

  • KingofDeath

    Good landing.
    Good landing.

  • Eggsi

    yer!! cool toy
    yer!! cool toy

  • nilzxx

    nice plane
    nice plane

  • Fraleth

    Give that a small …
    Give that a small camera with two carboard tubes fitted with small fireworks with a detonator, VIA remote control and you get yourself a real intercepter!

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