MAUS: 1:6 scale RC tank (

very good tanks, cool video

Duration : 0:0:49

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  • goofoffproductions

    128 mm actually and …
    128 mm actually and it wouldn’t have done much as the ammo would even scratch the paint on a iraqe t-72

  • goofoffproductions

    well at least you …
    well at least you don’t need a car just put a removable chair on it

  • LordSovereign7

    i was gonna say bbs …
    i was gonna say bbs, you know, RCs with co2 powered bb projectiles, and plastic plating just for dramatic effect in that i wouldnt stand a chance! i’ve been dreaming that day since the times of RC tanks/helicopters/planes etc.

  • stevebarnes2

    They did, it’s the …
    They did, it’s the big tan one. Now a 1:6 P1500 “Ratte” would have been impressive (and the size of a family hatchback)

  • balongaboy

    i was hoping …
    i was hoping someone built an rc mause

  • ChunLung1991

    oh,is this maus in …
    oh,is this maus in video 188t??0_0″

  • George21T

    LOL someone mass …
    LOL someone mass produce the sherman tanks . are they be done for . =)

  • harry4468

    yes you could it …
    yes you could it was part of the design it had petrol/electric drive one would stay on the bank and supply the one fording, which may/maynot end up submerged to a max depth of 8Ms, with electricity via a cable it then reached the far bank and process repeated.

  • th3d3storoy3r

    yeah but how it is …
    yeah but how it is gonna be at least the size of a normal tank XD

  • leonleonceur

    some one must make …
    some one must make the pt1000 ratte or even better the pt1500 monster (you know the ones scraped in 1943)

  • PublicDomainContent

    get loads of them …
    get loads of them tanks and some rc helicopters an put rockets on them an play on big rc war game. 😉

  • nsx4life2008

    Lol Maus is HUGE!!!
    Lol Maus is HUGE!!!

  • Sorvos

    To a sherman? Think …
    To a sherman? Think what would that do to anything that moves…. I bet even an M1A1 and Challenger would be knocked out by this monstrousity. 150 mm gun. God forbid!

  • hoy455

    think what that …
    think what that would do to a sherman

  • shawnbiro

    now we have heavy …
    now we have heavy traffic on the 401 prouced with EXTEME CAUTION

  • corobo

    I think too.
    I think too.

  • PanzerAngriff

    No amount of …
    No amount of anti-air defence was sufficient to stop allied air power. The U-Boat pens and V-2 facilities proved this theory correct.

  • vrieskip

    well if they build …
    well if they build more mauses they rather won the war than with landkreuzers

  • vrieskip

    wel it also had …
    wel it also had some good aa defense so they would have needed a b-17 bomber group to destroy it, it would probably be destroyed by some soft ground because it wasn’t able to drive on the softer soils

  • jxxjxx

    looks like giant …
    looks like giant sea turtle!!!!

  • toto100584

    One Maus tank has …
    One Maus tank has been restaurated by Russians. You can see it in a war museum. I’ve seen the pictures, wonderful tank

  • PanzerAngriff

    The second version …
    The second version was fully assembled at Kummelsdorf, some state it may have seen action defending the factory, others state it was destroyed by the crew… either way, it was destroyed.

  • PanzerAngriff

    Haha. It would have …
    Haha. It would have been bombed into oblivion by air power the second it was spotted on the field, or in transit.

  • gufu1992

    That, and was so …
    That, and was so slow and heavy, it could not be transported out of berlin.

  • kunatracing

    IT’s true but it …
    IT’s true but it was to big and expensive so they abandoned the project. The cannons that were suppose to go on that landkreuzer aka “Ratte” were used as coastal defense in Norway I think.

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