RC Submarines – filmed from above and below!

My two Wal Mart motorworks RC submarines.
Filmed in the Villa pool, both from outside the pool and underwater!
They work realy well for a $20 sub!

Duration : 0:3:9

25 comments to RC Submarines – filmed from above and below!

  • spiker546

    camperboy they have …
    camperboy they have propellers somewhere in the middle that make it go down
    i have a mini one and I DONT KNOW HOW TO TURN IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • andykent100

    THey are slightly …
    THey are slightly positive boyancy. THe planes are set to dive with forward motion. Aslo verticalk thruster propellor to sink stright down.

  • cammperboy

    how do you stop …
    how do you stop them from floting up when underwater

  • inmate4077

    Like, where’s the …
    Like, where’s the chicks in bikinis?

  • off270

    gay sub 1/5
    gay sub 1/5

  • dantehunter

    Why don’t you add a …
    Why don’t you add a couple of Remote controlled capsules with sodium, and you can start blastin stuff that way?

    Anyways… You’ll most likely make your sub explode… Still a good idea tho

  • youboob1989

    wow cool!
    wow cool!

  • andykent100

    A friend of mine …
    A friend of mine got them for me. Not sure which Walmart it was from. This was over a year ago as well, so maybe they have changed their stock lines now?

  • testbooster

    I read that you …

    I read that you bought these two RC subs from
    Walmart. I just went to their website and they have no RC subs. Could you give greater details like what Walmart in what city etc.

    thanks for any help

  • kevinrocks2323

    i was thinking of …
    i was thinking of buying this exact one

  • andykent100

    Walmart – about a …
    Walmart – about a year ago now. $20 each.

  • hiahiahoo

    where did you buy …
    where did you buy that submarine

  • andykent100

    Only avalible from …
    Only avalible from US Walmarts.

  • mangie222

    where can i buy them
    where can i buy them

  • Guaradon

    Uh i have this but …
    Uh i have this but i am having trouble balancing the weights, somebody help me. =[

  • andykent100

    THese were bought …
    THese were bought from Wal mark for just $20 each. I intent to make an “earobattic” own design sub that flied under watyer like a plane. Capable of loops and rools, but I havent started it as yet. It will be small, with a powerfull brushless motor. Control will be elevator, rudder, and airleron.

  • lion2you2001

    I was just …
    I was just wondering did you buy this sub or make on your own. I wanted to know because I am working on a model sub myself and new some design plan, please respond .

  • jaja396

    id be cool to put …
    id be cool to put airsoft gund in there for teh torpeedos

  • gtogames

    I bought two of …
    I bought two of theses and both had water leaks within an hour of running. Had to take both back. Had the same experoence with a lot of other toys from that brand.

  • andykent100

    Thanks! Utube …
    Thanks! Utube compresses the videos which reduces the quality.
    The underwater footage was taken with a stills camera in video mode, thats why thats not great quality.

  • abeasu

    I’ll give your …
    I’ll give your video 5 stars, because it shows the subs underwater, something none of the other videos show.

    The quality could’ve been better, but alround I loved it.
    Tnx for posting this.

  • who8that2

    I bought the USS …
    I bought the USS Shark after watching this video, dang thing actually does work well.

  • Nixxorzz


  • waveslider11

    wow…$20.00 pretty …
    wow…$20.00 pretty cool.

  • pizzaisgood14

    how deep can they go
    how deep can they go

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