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Model RC submarine Lafajette class uss Grand 631

Nicer video in the swimming pool with my rc Engel kit submarine the uss Grand 631

Duration : 0:3:21

9 comments to Model RC submarine Lafajette class uss Grand 631

  • frederic470

    aaah i see. Thank …
    aaah i see. Thank you for explaining it to me

  • oldhorseman

    It works with a …
    It works with a piston tank, its a little electro motor that drives a gear, the gear drives a spindle inside the piston tank what pushes a piston in and / or out so you suck in water or blow it out.
    This tank has a volume off 825 cc and it has a test pressure of 2 bars (30 Psi) and its not vulnerable for sand, etc in the water.
    It just works great.

  • frederic470

    can you describe …
    can you describe how it sinks and surfaces, i cant get my head around the mechanism

  • Eifibian

    Cual es su precio?. …
    Cual es su precio?… What is his prize? xD

  • heychas

    That is amazing and …
    That is amazing and awesome!!! Great job!

  • oldhorseman

    About 6 meters but …
    About 6 meters but it is limit with a max dept sensor on about 2,5 meter.
    There are story’s that it will survive 12 meters.
    But you are in deep trubble then i think.

  • bestsellerseries

    what is its max dept
    what is its max dept

  • oldhorseman

    NOOOOOOOO, I wish …
    NOOOOOOOO, I wish it was treu.
    Its the public swimming pool of the city Heerenveen Holland

  • spheremaster

    is that YOUR …
    is that YOUR swimming pool?

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