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Vehicle was a 1/8 scale Thunder Tiger S3 buggy

Duration : 0:5:40

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  • TheRockingoutalex

    thats cool i mst be …
    thats cool i mst be an exspensive hobby

  • dkjm3

    around $400-800 for …
    around $400-800 for a race worthy buggy kit & over $1000 to get it up & running.

    I counted around $1600 to have everything you need to race.
    It’s not bad once you have everything you need to start.

  • yonda9

    a good one starts …
    a good one starts at around 800 but i race electric so i couldn’t tell you details!!

  • yeti989

    how much is a good …
    how much is a good nitro buggy? and about how fast stock will it go?

  • muhacir55

    çok iyisiniz beah

    çok iyisiniz beah
    vaaaayyyy very goooooooddd !!

  • Lillie1986

    Well lol you dont. …
    Well lol you dont. But around that, you should look up the losi setup tips video on youtube. Dont remember with who but theres one concerning braking.

  • Naturepheonix

    how do you make it …
    how do you make it exactly 30?
    i find that it helps alot when you lower your car down or harden the springs 🙂

  • Lillie1986

    Usually that …
    Usually that happens if you have too much front braking. I usually only have around 30% front and the rest rear so it doesnt understeer.

  • lizzylot44

    are those the …
    are those the shocks that came with the car cause i want to do this but i am wondering if the shocks are big enough

  • Naturepheonix

    haha i see you have …
    haha i see you have the same problem as i did when braking
    your buggy dosen’t go the way you want, it just stays at the same angel or even auto counter steer when you brake and turn
    try lowering your suspensions. or make the springs harder.

  • 96bikerider96

    i dont thinkt he …
    i dont thinkt he car is :-s

    maybe the driver?

  • mikeymb666

    dude that blue car …
    dude that blue car must be he got lapped twice lol

  • stevenlang93

    lol 2:05 blue car …
    lol 2:05 blue car is angry after being lapped


    that buggy isnt bad …
    that buggy isnt bad but i got better ;p lol i cant even race with it every time i tap the gas it jus gos crazy i get sponserd pros to try it they cant even drive with it so i jus us it to drag lmfao but that is a nice car and prety quick good vid

  • gokarterkid25team

    how u do those …
    how u do those jumps and stuff and can u get eletric versions of these and still do jumps like that

  • MegaBris

    lmfao… 1:30 … …
    lmfao… 1:30 … its funny that this car couldnt climed…

  • mala1000


  • monster271

    I find it funny …
    I find it funny that when they cross the start/finish line, the noise sounds the exact same as it does when they ring up your groceries for you at the store.

  • ac1041

    that buggy has …
    that buggy has unbelievable speeds

  • chrisbarnes100


  • AvalancheAaron

    Pretty good…. At …
    Pretty good…. At my track their is a similar jump at the beginning. A guy their has a
    4wd buggy and he floors it, does a backflip and lands it every time. It’s pretty sweet to watch.

  • Kiwi20396

    ur gd 4 ur first …
    ur gd 4 ur first race, actually ur amazin!!!

  • matthewlang123

    dude i cant wait to …
    dude i cant wait to try my gv hunter on the track

  • superdirtdude

    lol i cant tell …
    lol i cant tell witch one is witch they all lok the same

  • cody9639

    Lol you raped that …
    Lol you raped that competition. you lapped like every car twice

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