Aircraft RC Model Jet Crash David Searles Sepulveda Basin

Saturday 12-06-2008 David Searles Testing His New Jet. No problem his Jet only suffered a small amount of damage on this rough landing. This Aircraft has 3 Fuel Tanks so it can stay up longer than others. David Searles is still learning the flying characteristics of this beautiful RC Model… Nice Job keep up the prime time entertainment David.

Looks like this Jet needs to land at high speeds!

Duration : 0:2:45

25 comments to Aircraft RC Model Jet Crash David Searles Sepulveda Basin

  • LastWorker


  • dustsmoke

    Thats what I don’t …
    Thats what I don’t get about these jets… Taking them off and flying them around is easy… But getting them back down in one piece is a pain in the ass.

  • DEADmetal3


  • austinpowers1977

    If u cant fly it u …
    If u cant fly it u shouldnt buy it lol.

  • R3BB3LX

    OMG, you need to …
    OMG, you need to bring that thing in HOT dude, cos you had no wind under them wings, way to slow, go back to gliding, that’s what i do ^^)

  • free533

    nope, he was …
    nope, he was comeing in way to slowand basically stalled it(thats why it tilted to the side)

  • lamborghinicorvette

    wing tiping the …
    wing tiping the wing stalled

  • rallywrxwagon

    Looks like cog may …
    Looks like cog may have been a tad to far back ?

  • snowtek72

    learn to fly man …
    learn to fly man what wast of a nice f-18

  • free533

    lol, thats what you …
    lol, thats what you get when you think you can do touch and goes and landings and extremely low speeds

  • rcHUNTER1555

    fucking stall

  • ferrari2k7

    thts cool
    thts cool

  • partyplac3

    I second that.
    I second that.

  • pete2778

    I’ve nominated you …
    I’ve nominated you for of the week, your certificate’s in the post.

  • LCPStud

    Shut your …
    Shut your up

  • LCPStud

    Shut the up
    Shut the up

  • Pyromaster365

    were those retracts …
    were those retracts? at least you made the runway guy at my field lost power and crashed at the thresh hold. that was a sad day…=( plane was a total loss!

  • resortess

    que pendejo el que …
    que pendejo el que estava manejando el avion

  • Bugalooob

    rc turbine jets …
    rc turbine jets need to have their speed kept up pretty high on landing, it seems like your runway isn’t long enough for jets to land..

  • TechnoElsker3

    it is not the …
    it is not the original sound!

  • danratsnapnames

    i saw others saying …
    i saw others saying you cant fly.. they are wrong, and prolly never flew a turbine based plane before. several nice saves. i dunno if i would ever stop shaking after flying one of these. flying area may have had something to do with the landing. poor sorroundings always cause optical illusions while watching the plane. tree’s in background always causes this. “this is why they put leading edge lines on planes! “

  • Sharma17

    That looks insanely …
    That looks insanely hard to land. It gets quite tipsy on the roll at low speed although it’s going fast enough! Good on the pilot for pulling up and trying again, patience is a good skill. I’m no pro on RC, but would installing a gyro for roll be an advantage on an expensive and difficult model like this? I guess they’re still being disputed..

  • pilotkidnumber1

    shut up u waste man …
    shut up u waste man dont dis u trash

  • pete2778

    The problem was …
    The problem was that the model was flying TOO slowly and hence losing directional control, slightly MORE power and a lower angle of attack is the solution as I’m sure the pilot was aware, it’s easier said than done though. Lovely model of the F18, I’m glad it lived to fly another day.

  • Trivon90

    dude shut up. hes a …
    dude shut up. hes a great pilot. i know him

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