My STINGRAY RC MODEL SUBMARINE GERRY ANDERSON. Radio control controlled R/C submarine. 3 feet long. Scratch built with rc from a modfied Comet Miniatures (UK) resin kit.

Duration : 0:0:42


  • GentlemanAndScholar

    Great model and …
    Great model and seems to be very streamlined flow through water. Amamazed no-ne has thought of building a life size model that could actually be used as a submarine, eg for tourism, though of course without the “sting missiles” ( hah or maybe include them too!) I was brought up on GA and his puppets, and of course I just loved Marina. Venus in XL5 was hot too, as was Kanu’s daughter in Thunderbirds,and of course Lady Pen. But Marina remained my fave and Stingray the best machine….

  • BigDuke6ixx

    I wouldn’t have …
    I wouldn’t have minded hammering the ring piece up of that mute chick on Stingray.

    Mind, I’d do Basil Brush up the arse too.

  • redhotbarrell


  • MrJohnativemckinley

    Return to witch …
    Return to witch mountain!!!

  • rebroff

    Stand by for action!
    Stand by for action!

  • jmessy007

    That’s a brilliant …
    That’s a brilliant model of Stingray. 😀

  • wrj9221

    Can the model dive …
    Can the model dive and surface?

  • Klurty34

    Its a JapanaseModel
    Its a JapanaseModel

  • annihil8ted

    not nessesary. You …
    not nessesary. You dont need a cooler first of all and also with a brushless, almost no heat and very efficient. Besides, water is a very good cooler

  • DragonEldarFire

    when do you get it¿
    when do you get it¿

  • franzlilk9

    that so cool looks …
    that so cool looks like a shark..
    how much is that???

  • mikeyyy187

    well they cant have …
    well they cant have that mush kick becaues of engine heat u would need a huge cooler to cool a fast engine

  • ddmo2

    doesnt seem to have …
    doesnt seem to have much kick to it, looks great though

  • abbirina

    can i buy one?
    can i buy one?

  • prideparkheroes

    that is so cool, …
    that is so cool,good work.

  • mylesps3

    its probably a baby …
    its probably a baby pool or sumtat like that

  • nathttman

    u should put on a …
    u should put on a massive shark fin on the top of it and paint it an dark grey colour and drive it at the beach or around boats and also put a small camera on it like infra red or somthing so u can see where u are going

  • jmr1068204

    Hmmm…where is …
    Hmmm…where is this pool that looks to only be a foot or two deep, but yet extremely large? Or is it deep and the camera is just playing with the angle?

  • chimpstop

    This needs the …
    This needs the Sting Ray theme running in the background.

  • Klurty34

    That looks …

    That looks great!
    Thanks for posting this

  • Wersiking

    I wish you could …
    I wish you could make me one…so how much? without the RC. I love Stingray in Fact all Things Gerry Anderson. Have you done a TB 4 yet?

  • kyle22697

    is it fast?
    is it fast?

  • Beamshipcaptain

    I used to watch …
    I used to watch this show on Black and white TV in New York in 1964 when I was a really little kid. Been a Gerry Anderson fan since BIRTH. We share the same last name (no relation).

  • eatsomeuni

    Not if aqua marina …
    Not if aqua marina gets her kit off and goes in the buff

  • loukyleliz225

    looks more like a …
    looks more like a shark than sting

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