Custom built “Proboat Runabout” “RC” Barrelback Chris Craft

This is a video of the HIGHLY MODIFIED Proboat Chris Craft Runabout I built. I started with a Proboat RTR boat, I removed the underpowered/generic 550 motor and installed a 700HO marine motor. I then removed the solid coupler and replaced it with a steel u-joint. I replaced the stock speed control with a new Astroflight 75amp marine controller. I made a simple change in the hull layout allowing you to run two packs instead of one. I replaced the stock/generic servo with a dual ball bearing, high torque servo. I replaced the stock driveline with a slighty larger tube allowing for better lubrication. I replaced the stock plastic two blade prop with an Octura 3 blade metal prop, balanced and sharpened. I also replaced the stock twin stick radio with a Traxxas pistol grip radio and 4 channel receiver (in case you want to add remote lights) The boat is BEAUTIFUL and performs to PERFECTION! This is a true “Gentlemans boat” Looks like a million and is fast as hell! The boat is running only 7.2 volts in this vid, YES you heard me right, 7.2! The motor and speed controller can handle 5 times that voltage! But at this voltage She is plenty fast and you can run it trouble free for HOURS!!!! I am running two 3800mah packs in this vid, they are running parrallel, so I have 7600mah at 7.2 volts. Average runtime is 30-35 minutes! Throw in some 7 or 8 cell packs and lookout! or run your two 7.2’s in series and give the brushless boats a run for their money!!!
C-Ya on the Lake ~~~~~~~~***-

Duration : 0:5:36

11 comments to Custom built “Proboat Runabout” “RC” Barrelback Chris Craft

  • arm802

    ok thanks for the …
    ok thanks for the help.

  • igottalongone

    I would use the …
    I would use the EVX2 controller if you go with the Traxxas motor. It will work perfectly! That big motor is set up for twin imput wires(2black-2red) so you could plug it all right in to the EVX2. Just keep in mind you will need to change polarity on one set of wires, because the villian is spinning the props counter rotating. Hook up one set to make sure rotation is correct, unplug and check the other set, when you know all the correct polarity, plug in both sets and hold on!

  • arm802

    i was thinking …
    i was thinking about that aswell, how menny volts can it take and could i use the traxxas xl-10 as the esc or would I have to go with something else?

  • igottalongone

    Picked the motor up …
    Picked the motor up from “finedesignRC” I think it was about $50, Traxxas has a simular “775” motor for around the same price…

  • arm802

    where did you get …
    where did you get that motor and how much did it cost? Also boat is a beauty and im impressed, didnt think that hull could preform at that speed!

  • Mrfknhappy

    nice toy …. good …
    nice toy …. good job …

  • m43991

    Awesome boat man 5/5
    Awesome boat man 5/5

  • startazz

    Very very nice mate …
    Very very nice mate=5* oh when can i see a video of your EBT 😉

  • wmiracle4

    Awesome boat. …
    Awesome boat. Faster than I expected.

  • fathead431

    im so jealous….

    im so jealous….
    that thing really gets up and goes!

  • bobdude2360

    pretty cool video …
    pretty cool video and one of a awesome boat it looks just like the real thing only smaller lol keep them coming peace.

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