remote control submarine underwater 1

rc sub at wilson pond

Duration : 0:2:13

25 comments to remote control submarine underwater 1

  • EmperorAst

    Very nice editing …
    Very nice editing and music!

  • cokebomb123

    My name is quinn
    My name is quinn

  • swiminon


  • swiminon

    can it catch fish …
    can it catch fish too?

  • ullda112

    wow wow wow
    wow wow wow

  • GGGunitNextLevel

    Silent Huner xD
    Silent Huner xD

  • DukeRustyZX05

    Jeez! that must …
    Jeez! that must have been a few ThOUSAND dollars! wow!

  • othur

    R/c very well done …
    R/c very well done and thought out. If it would have launched a torpedo I would have jumped up and cheered lol!

  • GThazard


  • ZoharSanctuary

    Very cool video .. …
    Very cool video ..Where did you buy that submarine ? ..Or did you make it yourself ?

  • iskate4life102396

    how can u see it …
    how can u see it underwater????

  • yipschnip

    what the is …
    what the is wrong with that kid look how wildly he is moving the controls!

  • schnauzerhead

    Bakery? What are …
    Bakery? What are you baking? Yellow cake uranium? Thought so. Reminds me of a mission in indochina back in the 70s.. 2070s that is. The government discovered forward time travel years ago but has been hiding it from the general public for obvious reasons. Anyway, there I was, fist fighting Ken-Cho, the “Iron Panda of Guan Du”. He came at me faster than Jane Fonda running from hard work. I pinned him in a triple nelson, and managed to sever the tendon in his leg. Dinner that night was delicious.

  • GenuineVanillaFace

    I knew there were a …
    I knew there were a ton of weirdo’s on Youtube, but you take the whole bakery…

  • NathanCaudell65

    Listing like …
    Listing like to starboard, might want to make some adjustments on the dive mechanism.

  • thekidsta

    cool its in the …
    cool its in the form of a movie awsome!

  • schnauzerhead

    This brings me back …
    This brings me back to my army days. World war 3. They said it never happened, but it happened, I got the scars to prove it. I remember back in ’87 I was fighting in stalingrad, they let out the bio-engineered super mummy’s they’d been breeding since the first world war. There was blood everywhere, the only thing we could do was divert them to an orphanage, where they fed while we made our escape.

  • s06jt

    it is fak
    it is fak

  • oSAIGONo


  • ann440

    bonne vidéo 5*****
    bonne vidéo 5*****


    run silent, run …
    run silent, run deep.
    back in the day, i remember four russian subs in wilson pond.
    now there is only two.
    over fished.
    she can take it captain. too funny.

  • shecanatakeitcaptain

    This video has all …
    This video has all the hallmarks of a cult classic.
    The perfect blend of sinister yet unspecified evil, combined with the simple childish innocence of a day at the pond.
    This is a truly enigmatic motion picture; fiendish and compelling. It surely ranks as one of the best submarine movies of all time.

  • HollowSnake4


  • ikoumi96u

    Good video. I was …
    Good video. I was moved.


    doctor jones, my …
    doctor jones, my arch nemesis. the nautilus can dive to 5640 fathoms. far below my crush depth. at 22:00 hours we plan to plant the half keg fo guinness at the bottom of the sea. stay with the plan.

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