Camera on RC model submarine Neptune – 1

On board camera installed on Neptune SB-1 radio controlled model submarine

Duration : 0:1:56

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  • perberge

    Fimed att a fish …
    Fimed att a fish farm. This are not wild salmon if anyone wonder.
    But cool anyway.

  • l33chg0d

    wow excellent ! I …
    wow excellent ! I am thinking of mixing this with my AVR µC and maybe some Altera FPGA to give it extra fukt. like underwater sound hearing ! automotive movement , timed automotive movement , auto lights for night and maybe using a water propelling system with no sound .
    Anyway that sub of yours is awesome !

  • NeptuneSB1

    Thank you

    1) My …
    Thank you

    1) My sub is a kit. It’s the Neptune SB-1 submarine by Thunder Tiger. It’s available as a ready-to-run model too

    2) No sorry

    3) That’s not exactly a wireless camera. In fact no 2,4GHz signal can pass through water. Therefore my camera has an AV-OUT plug, connected by cable to a buoy on the surface. The buoy is equipped with a 2,4GHz wireless sender and I have a receiver ashore

    A simpler solution is the Oregon scientific waterproof camera, recording videos but not real time

  • neilladriaansen

    omg this is great! …
    omg this is great! 5*****
    a few questions:
    1) did you build it yourself?
    2)do you know a good graphic program to design a model sub?
    3)what kind of wireless camera did you use?

  • NeptuneSB1

    Thanks! I think …
    Thanks! I think that real time video is the best way to enjoy this model, because it allows you to make precision approach. Have you seen my titanic wreck videos?

  • ToKoMiKo

    That’s awesome! …
    That’s awesome! we’ve recorded a few flights on a slow stick, but were only able to watch the video after landing.

  • NeptuneSB1

    video real time. …
    video real time. The video signal was sent via cable+buoy and I was simultaneously watching it on the screen and recording it on a VCR.
    So I was able to pilot the sub as I were inside.

  • ToKoMiKo

    were you receiving …
    were you receiving video real time or did you only get to watch the video after wards?

  • mickalecannard

    Very nice
    Very nice

  • ReliableSunPower

    That is really neat.
    That is really neat.

  • waggabiggadoo

    sooo neat
    sooo neat

  • NeptuneSB1

    Yes, Germit. My …
    Yes, Germit. My radio controlled submarine was diving into a hatchery with a lot of trouts and some sturgeon too.
    BTW, such a huge density of fish may be found only in a fish hatchery or in the Red Sea…(and unfortunately I wasn’t in the latter!)

  • gernith

    Is this at some …
    Is this at some type of fish hatchery?

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