Red Arrows Gas Turbine Rc Jet Planes

Red Arrows Gas Turbine Rc planes flown at the Thames Valley Model Airshow….

Duration : 0:4:9

Turbine powered RC Aermacchi model airplane

This is the maiden flight of Tony Withey’s turbine powered Aermacchi jet. New Zealand used to use the real Aermacchis for fighter-pilot training before the last peacenik goverment decided to mothball them all. Now they quietly rot away, costing the taxpayer lots of money for no benefit.

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RC Jet plane

RC Jet plane flight

Duration : 0:1:31

RC Jet – Full 3D LAVI Fighter, Turbine Powered. Crazy!

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This is a Full 3D flight. This exact aircraft is the Israeli LAVI, which was later copied by the Chinese and called the JC-10. There have been many opinions as to what this plane is, so I have now […]


This is a large rc plane with real turbine engines

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Duration : 0:2:40