RC Jet Crash Mid Air Break Apart

This was in Waco, Texas 9-8-07. Just happen to be the only one filming at the time. Looks like the Lamination came apart on the left wing and then caused the fuselage to break apart just in front of the wing. This was a new plane.

Duration : 0:1:44

RC jet plane crash!!

An RC jet flies and then crashes in the ground!

Duration : 0:4:40

rc stunt plane, helicopter and jet do tricks and crash

Airshow sponsored by Trilordy and Venom Racing. Nitro rc planes and jets show off some awsome control in front of a crowd.

Duration : 0:5:7

RC Jet – Full 3D LAVI Fighter, Turbine Powered. Crazy!

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This is a Full 3D flight. This exact aircraft is the Israeli LAVI, which was later copied by the Chinese and called the JC-10. There have been many opinions as to what this plane is, so I have now […]

Learn to Fly RC Planes (Class 1)

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