Learn to Fly RC Planes (Class 1)

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~ Dave Powers
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Duration : 0:17:8

25 comments to Learn to Fly RC Planes (Class 1)

  • falloutdude222

    great vid alot of …
    great vid alot of help for me

  • 69MrSparky

    in one of your …
    in one of your vedios you mhad a book for sale about rc planes in how install the electronics and how to modify your plane. Well anyways i was just wondering how i could purchase that book.

  • mattavoboo

    i am 14 and i fly …
    i am 14 and i fly rc helis. i started at 13 but you must definately get a simulator first. also you must join a club and get to know stuff and get knowledge. you also need money………….

  • hermitcrabstuff34

    ok good i found …
    ok good i found this p51 mustang that i want to get it is 30 dollars and it is at nitro planes

  • redliquid33

    yes 13 yr old can …
    yes 13 yr old can fly, you only see adults because they are the only ones that can really afford it…

  • styl0us

    Ford “SVT” sticker …
    Ford “SVT” sticker on the wing…. nice…. rofl

  • hermitcrabstuff34

    ok thank you i cant …
    ok thank you i cant wate in till i get my rc mustang

  • PrutsersRc

    no you need to …
    no you need to learn allot before you can fly
    its not your age but you need the knowledge

  • hermitcrabstuff34

    can 13 year olds …
    can 13 year olds fly rc planes because i only see adults

  • TheodorKK

    i crashed my plane …
    i crashed my plane on the first flight today 🙁 i had upgraded it to a brushless, but i broke the engine in the crash. tha plane still works but not the engine. so now i must change back to the old sucky engine 🙁

  • diegoXm94

    hey dave i just …
    hey dave i just bought a exceed piper cub and i need help on how to change it to a 4 channel can u post a videoo how to pls

  • SimonSays5995






  • ironox99

    ok but im a …
    ok but im a begginer so it is ok if i get that 3 ch controller and plastic servos and brushed motors right?

  • noobhunter3000

    Davy-Dave …
    Davy-Dave explainy-plains usefull servy-servos and rady-radios for RC-Plany-planes and hely-copters :o)

    Just fun! It’s one of the best videos you ever made!

  • SheebMaster

    2ch usually have …
    2ch usually have two engines, and they just slow one and throttle the other one to turn.
    THeir aerodynamic is fixed, so that when you throttle it, it goes up..

  • 12robertmulligan

    my plane was …
    my plane was £123.99 on its own it was deer

  • casemodder89

    the reciever …
    the reciever doesen’t have anytging to do with the ESC , it only gets the siganl from transmitter and gives it to the servos or ESC.
    it doesen’t matter if the cannel is connected with a servo, BL esc, convnetional esc or an electronical switch for additional funktions like lights or anything.

  • casemodder89

    no this means it …
    no this means it can go up/down ( 1st channel )
    AND go left/right ( 2nd channel ) for example.
    but 2 ch is formerly for cars and boats.

    you need at least 3 ch in a plane for throttle, up/down and left/right.

    the channel for throttle isn’t like the other ones.
    the others are normaly at the middle 50% up and 50% down, throttle iss normaly at 0% and goes until 100% . so you have the whole range in one direction.

  • moviemajic90

    ive justfinished …
    ive justfinished making one but i put 12 small fans on mine 4 on the wings and 8 inside with air vents

  • ChrisOHenning

    One channel per …
    One channel per function, so 2ch = up/down and left/right for maybe sailing.

  • Patrick2636

    does a 2ch mean …
    does a 2ch mean that it can only go up and down??

  • claytonhaske

    can you hook up a …
    can you hook up a brushless esc and motor to the non-brushed reciever?

  • bods93

    well yeah depending …
    well yeah depending on how you hit it would be pretty much over.

  • mrfourtysevenman

    its my birthday and …
    its my birthday and my dad has a friend…..

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