RC Boat – Landing Crafts from World War II

The landing crafts during World War II have been a major factor in the success during the operation Overlord.
The shown RC boat models in action have been constructed by Rolf Haldemann and may be seen on one of our next shows. For further details contact to www.askweb.ch

Duration : 0:2:4

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  • RetoFor

    Die beiden Boote …
    Die beiden Boote sind im Massstab 1/35 gebaut.
    Immer am letzten April Wochenende haben wir unser all-jährliches Schaufahren in Wohlen, Schweiz. Dort sind diese Boote im Einsatz zu sehen. Vielleicht wäre dies ja einen Ausflug wert ;-).
    Vielen Dank für das Interesse!

  • mauswoodbolly

    wunderschöne Boote …
    wunderschöne Boote . Gefallen mir sehr gut.

    LCI u. LCT welcher Maßstab?

  • RetoFor

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the answer!

  • FJF130

    The music was …
    The music was licensed from one of the many royalty free music sites. Search the internet for ‘royalty free music’. I came across this specific track under several names e.g. ‘Mission Omega’. Hope you enjoy it.

  • RetoFor

    Good question ;-). …
    Good question ;-). I check that out with Frank who did the edition job.
    I will post the answer as soon as possible.

  • Adithep6

    what song is it?
    what song is it?

  • JimmyJighorn

    movie awsome
    movie awsome

  • RetoFor

    I had a chat with …
    I had a chat with Rolf. As a matter of fact he do have one landing craft in the scale 1:16. It is quite large and it may even carry a real person!
    I dry to get a movie of this craft live at Youtube as soon as possible.

  • RetoFor

    Rolf, who has build …
    Rolf, who has build the models, sticks with all of his war craft to 1:35 scale. Even so they are not for sale, I will contact my club buddy what he thinks.

  • gijoe2094

    could u make one 1/ …
    could u make one 1/16 scale?

  • RetoFor

    They are both in …
    They are both in scale 1:35.
    Thanks for your interest!

  • gijoe2094

    nice landingcraft …
    nice landingcraft but wat scale r they?

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