1/10 Electric Off-Road R/C Buggy Stock Model by Exceed RC


*Reviewed by Nuttcaze*

Electric rc buggies are a perfect introduction to rc driving because they’re simpler than nitro models and go on more grounds than conventional on road cars, and not too much can go wrong! The best part is that all the electric rc buggies sold at NitroRCX.com are 100% assembled. Unlike nitro cars that need more equipment to start the engine and more complicate maintenance requirements, electric car just requires you to charge the batteries that is included in the buggy and watch it fly down the road. Really, other than maybe a few spare parts, the only thing you need with an electric powered car is a field charger, unless of course you’re driving the car close to home so you can pop back easily to charge the motor batteries The electric motor is controlled by a quality electronic speed controller which means you are guaranteed a A+ Hobby-Graded product at a unbelievable low price!
If you’re looking for a general all-year-round electric radio control car then a simple 2-wheel drive buggy from Exceed RC is a very good choice, because these can be driven on and off road, whereas something like a model touring car will limit you to only driving on the smoothest of surfaces.

Exceed RC Buggies are very popular and a lot of fun, the very good ones are shown below!

Duration : 0:6:49

25 comments to 1/10 Electric Off-Road R/C Buggy Stock Model by Exceed RC

  • karrar55

    ur gay for noticing …
    ur gay for noticing it

  • kepler323

    if you spray the …
    if you spray the antenna wire with windex you can ealily push it thrue

  • DarkAlex174

    Save up about 30-40 …
    Save up about 30-40 more bucks and get a nitro. Lol, probably a little late. 😛

  • vampioros

    Are those friction …
    Are those friction shocks? Wow I am amazed how that thing is. I think a tamiya buggy would probably be a better choice.

  • KFrag420

    you obviously know …
    you obviously know nothing about springs, it is RIDE HEIGHT fag…. L2READ pay attention in school and you might learn why you’re so retarded

  • thegoodbear1

    This geek has women …
    This geek has women hands…

  • godfreek

    wow you know …
    wow you know nuthing the spacers are for the stiffness man get your facts right noob

  • KFrag420

    preload spacers are …
    preload spacers are for ride height, they don’t adjust the firmness of the springs

  • tribalmasters

    Your mental age is …
    Your mental age is less than 10

  • trdracer21

    I got this same …
    I got this same buggy its slow out of the box but i put a traxxas vxl motor and esc and boy it flys!! I mean it flys i had the neighborhood watching me play with it!! I did it with a 7.2 battery from venow i wanted to try a lipo lol but too much money for those i want a 4 tec.. Its a good first rc but its slow out of the box upgrade to the vxl and u be happy fyi the axle bend cause its fast!!!

  • iR0NMike4

    is this better than …
    is this better than the 1/10 scale electric truggy and truck wat should i get

  • xmods1000

    what do you know
    what do you know

  • fastandfurioustokyo

    we know your a …
    we know your a so shut the up a100nick

  • ciril2010

    you talk like …
    you talk like Donald Duck.. hAHAH — buddy is time to move on in life, what are you like 50?!

  • a100nick

    its POWER
    its POWER

  • Silberblue

    >What is this for a …
    >What is this for a strupid question ???
    RTR is ready to run

  • hamanicent

    what is ready to run
    what is ready to run

  • 1carrotcake

    any 1/10 Electric R …
    any 1/10 Electric R/C buggy is for beginner. Unless you’re really really tight on budget, Lipo battery and a Brushless system is a must.

    Seriously if I were to get my first 1/10 electric buggy I would get the Team Associated B44 or Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 SP (my first buggy). I would never recommend this buggy to anyone.

  • killedby1111

    wow when i got mine …
    wow when i got mine i spent over 45minutes trying to get that atnnta(bad grammer)through that thing OMG SOOOO LONG

  • roboduke1086891

    nice car can u tell …
    nice car can u tell me the website?

  • thewoodenfish

    when u buy it do u …
    when u buy it do u have to buy the battery pack extra or do u just buy the car bec whern u go to chekc out it adds it to ur basket

  • stratmast3r

    5/5! Great video!!! …
    5/5! Great video!!! I love that buggy. I just brought the strada XB, i brought it because i have the stada MT and its very good. They are similar chassis!

    Thanks for the great video!

  • theamazingabe

    supposed to be 40
    supposed to be 40

  • patrickfight1

    the size of the …
    the size of the gears can change the speed

  • GrantRules174

    what about non …
    what about non brushless?

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