Phase 3 Fantom EDF RC Jet Plane Day 4

Phase 3 Fantom EDF RC Jet Plane Day 4 Part 3

Duration : 0:1:49

7 comments to Phase 3 Fantom EDF RC Jet Plane Day 4

  • farmfanugan

    does it have the …
    does it have the stock brushless mtr & esc?
    i had a problem with mine overheating and cutting off but fixed it with a square opening under the esc.

  • ymwan

    I found the …
    I found the Firebird to be a much faster plane. Too much drag on airframe and too heavy for 3S.

    5 min at 75% sounds right. Maybe a tad too much. Try and throttle back during flight to keep ESC cool.

    The Phantom has since been decommissioned after a high speed crash. The Firebird that I have hasn’t seen any flight time for over 6 months.

    Gone back to helis and learning 3D. Inverted hovering is so cool.

    Good luck

  • annihil8ted

    i maiden …

    i maiden today and i listened to wat xorbe said about keeping it light so it float. Fly great but has like no speed. Would making it heavier help? Also doesn’t exactly float just land vertical down softly if you keep it at the right angle but i dont care about that. also after like about 5 min of 75% throttle, esc cuts out (brushless stock) wat should i do? and please tell me ur set up.
    Thanks you.

  • xorbe

    yes the foam is …
    yes the foam is softer, but it’s okay! it’s a real floater too if you keep the build light.

  • thepeterb

    ive flown one these …
    ive flown one these. so much fun. this video does not do anything for the plane. fly it FAST

  • hydera1

    These planes are …
    These planes are ordinary polystyrene NOT EPP – they are more delicate than balsa and fall apart – NOT recommended!

  • ratheads

    The doctor needs to …
    The doctor needs to practice some low, high speed passes !

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