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Awesome SU-27 Flanker Twin EDF Motor RTF RC Jet Plane

Coming soon to www.bariqatlantic.com. This SU-27 Flanker EDF rc jet plane comes READY TO FLY with twin motors!

Duration : 0:0:58

22 comments to Awesome SU-27 Flanker Twin EDF Motor RTF RC Jet Plane

  • ramosd6721

    hey there nice …
    hey there nice flight and good skills. you must be a pro! wel, i ahve a few questions. i bought the same jet as you around 5 mounths and have never flown it bcoz im to scared il crash it! are they easy to fly, its my first jet! also i lost the cd that came with it to practice on the computer and chage the setting on the control.also how long does the battery last for and how long do you have to charge it for??

  • fucjape


  • BARIQco

    Hey! Thanks for the …
    Hey! Thanks for the comments – I’m not sure where you’d be able to buy them there and unfortunately, we do not ship to Hong Kong – we apologize.

  • fucjape

    hay BARIQco great …
    hay BARIQco great plane and video, where are they made, can you buy these planes in hong hong, thanks again,

  • BARIQco

    The plane took off …
    The plane took off in the distance equal to the width of a two lane street

  • jbdmig

    how long was this ” …
    how long was this “runway”?

  • BARIQco

    Hey! They fly at …
    Hey! They fly at about 60 – 70 kmh. It’d make a good 1st ducted fan airplane if you have experience with a trainer. -=)

  • 2HaRdYz2

    are they hard to …
    are they hard to fly i want one but my dad doesnt think i should get one! he reckons its to fast

  • stolmasa

    0:43 – 0:46 was …
    0:43 – 0:46 was just awesome! Great model!

  • youfuckingtossers

    Where can I get …
    Where can I get this is England as I’m visiting soon?

  • Blooberness

    Will this item …
    Will this item discontinue soon? because I don’t want it to discontinue :(.

  • wnppmy

    Have one of these …
    Have one of these on order, hope I’m able to fly it half as well as yours, great job, BEST WARREN ..

  • BARIQco

    Thanks! It’s …
    Thanks! It’s powered by twin brushed 400 class motors, a 30 amp speed control & 3-cell 1800 mAh LiPoly battery.

  • weaverflytyer

    nice little plane, …
    nice little plane, whats it powerd by?

  • BARIQco

    Great! I’d love to …
    Great! I’d love to see any vids you may have of it. Happy landings mate!

  • hobiexxx

    kool cause i just …
    kool cause i just boght 1 ty m8

  • BARIQco

    Not sure of exact …
    Not sure of exact speed – I’m guessing between 50 – 70 kmh

  • BARIQco

    nope just an RC …
    nope just an RC pilot -=)

  • yasudin

    incredible landing! …
    incredible landing!!! are you a professional pilot?

  • BARIQco

    Not sure of exact …
    Not sure of exact speed – I’m guessing between 50 – 70 kmh

  • Walkera60

    Nice plane.. I’ll …
    Nice plane.. I’ll definately get one of these, or perhaps the Mirage.. 🙂

  • hobiexxx

    how fast dose it go?
    how fast dose it go?

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