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RC 1/10 Buggy Euro 2006 – A Final 4wd

A1 Final 4wd buggies at the
1/10 Electric Buggy European Championships 2006 in Vienna, Austria

Duration : 0:6:25

25 comments to RC 1/10 Buggy Euro 2006 – A Final 4wd

  • 20spray

    hey do the racing …
    hey do the racing lines for rc and full size cars differ at all?

  • RCBuggy100

    Get a nitro. I got …
    Get a nitro. I got a electric and it just keeps breaking but i drive it in races and drive it deep so they are alot of fun if you get the right brand. get a losi or traxxas. dont get HSP HPI or any other brand. my buggy is a HSP XSTR-PRO and just keeps breaking. Good for bashers.

  • 6l6c

    Great video and …
    Great video and track and some pretty skilled drivers

  • Heesson

    Nice video
    Nice video

  • gogglies

    Such a great video. …
    Such a great video. Love all the different camera angles, the names on the starting grid and the positions that show up during the race!!

  • ap0619

    hello asked how I …
    hello asked how I pay my radioccomande to my car because she lights does not run my car I have put into the small size of the stack my sela does not please me thank you answer: 4wd nitro model radicator heat

  • tmxc12

    im going to buy a …
    im going to buy a electric buggy for the first time any tips anyone please help

  • symba132

    i bought an 4WD …
    i bought an 4WD buggy, i can make it 2WD and reverse so i think that 4WD i waaaay better xD

  • Yamabaja

    Gas is the only way …
    Gas is the only way to go. BAJA 5B. Besides gas, I think electric is taking over with all of the advancements in the last few years.

  • jerkeboy

    what wood happend …
    what wood happend if you put in a rc buggy the speed 9000 (graupner airplanes)and put 44.4 volt than it will go fast like an airplane

    i’m going to buy the radicator 4wd from graupner
    electric i hope it go’s fast and that the thing is strong enough for me but i think so doe’s anyone no a buggy that goe fast have some spare parts if i brake parts and below the price from 150 euro’s x:d

  • speedf1fan

    Good Race !!
    Good Race !!

  • chickenlover01

    awesome track
    awesome track

  • WebsterWarrior7

    4 wheel drive pulls …
    4 wheel drive pulls it more through terrain

  • reelman815

    Good race!
    Good race!

  • Anzyviorthh

    ok, thx! i shall …
    ok, thx! i shall try for the 4wd

  • nobiirock

    electric is newer …
    electric is newer better than nitro or gas!
    thay go faster!

  • theassociatedlosi

    im sortof half way …
    im sortof half way between nitro and electric… and then halfway between 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive… all my trucks are 2 wheel drive… They can go a little faster, but they dont handle as good as 4 wheel drive…

  • Anzyviorthh

    i would agree that …
    i would agree that electric is better, though i haven’t got one yet, but will. i tried nitro… bad. so what electric is better: 4WD or 2WD??

  • bethardd

    Electric… cheaper …
    Electric… cheaper parts alot less and easier maintenance. Outdoors and wet tracks is usually best with a 4wd like my new bj4. I hardly ever maintain my electrics and certainly not as much as my old mugen mbx5t nitro truggy. A full set of wheels and tires for one set alone cost $110 plus for my old nitro!!! YOU WILL SPEND ALOT MORE TIME MAINTAINING A NITRO!!! I am seasonded and have had over 10 nitro’s from RTR’s to my coveted Mugen truggy and 8ight buggy.

  • wassupgeo

    PROS: …

    PROS: faster, more torque, lighter, charge and go, all terrain (even underwater with certain electronics)
    CONS: Charge time can be an hour or more

    PROS: generally faster out of the box, bigger, can normal conquer rougher terrain, sounds great as it has an engine in it and more fun for people who like mechanics.
    CONS: more prone to trouble, constant tuning usually, fuel has to be stored properly, can be too noisy depending where you live, fairly messy with all the oil and fuel

  • assmiser

    PROS: YOU …



  • coconutJo

    Lots of Losi XX-4s …
    Lots of Losi XX-4s by the look of them.

  • worldofwar69

    4wd 1/10th scale …
    4wd 1/10th scale electric buggy

  • WcWGoldbergWcW

    r they nitro or …
    r they nitro or electric

  • tp532001

    awesome racing im …
    awesome racing im amazed at the speed of the cars with brushless motor and speed controls.
    A great vid good angles and cam view points.
    many thanks

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