RC model of confederate submarine H.L. Hunley

A short piece about me and one of my RC submarine models.

Duration : 0:4:43

14 comments to RC model of confederate submarine H.L. Hunley

  • laflinslim

    Awesome sub! the …
    Awesome sub! the first time that I learned about the hunley was from tv’s nova, scientific american frontiers. and being involved in rc I just put the two together and looked on you tube. I found you. great project, great history. thanks for the vid, you should post more of the hunley.

  • hinatatsunare

    is cool to have a …
    is cool to have a rc submarine.

  • alalaty

    yes thank you too …
    yes thank you too much now i,m buildeng submarine its like tayphoon russian .. i cut one big wood and sand it for 1 week soon i will cut it to half and mold it by fiberglass ..

  • tmsmalley

    That’s correct. The …
    That’s correct. The hull is free flooding. All the electronics are in the water tight compartment.

  • alalaty

    thank you tim i …
    thank you tim i wanna know your sub its free flood ??

  • icemandelta


  • chiburui6

    I bet your gonna be …
    I bet your gonna be a real popular grandpaw some day LOL If I did this I’d never get my grandson’s to go home!

  • AskJeeves17

    I used to be …
    I used to be obsessed with learning about this submarine, awesome!

  • sOnarPL

    I love Hunley. …
    I love Hunley. Great model and great movie. 5/5

  • organics4me

    Very cool.
    Very cool.

  • pikasurfergyrl

    dude thanks for …
    dude thanks for putting this up! i learned a lot for my 8th grade us history project and now i feel inspired to make a submarine as a visual!

  • victorytc92

    Great historical …
    Great historical topic combined with present day model building….

  • RealHumanist

    A history in my …
    A history in my hands, gj, keep goin

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