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Radio-controlled submarine, drydocked

Standard advice building an r/c submarine is that you have to have three channels at least (rudder, drive, diving fins).
But this homebuild only uses two channels. I used a $20 toy r/c board (got me out of buying a $100 + hobby-grade setup). So what’s the range, with a toy r/c setup, no hobby-grade equipment? Well, there’s only so far you can see a 1/144 scale conning tower anyway – – and trying to work a radio set plus binoculars at the same time would be no fun. Plus toy subs in ponds frequently get snared on weeds when diving and you have to have a fix on their location where they got caught – – getting too far can be a bad idea with toy subs. So, toy radio sets are a great choice for a sub of this size (2.5 feet). Someone who tells you otherwise doesn’t do submarines, or is selling you a $400 radio.
We take it out for a brief spin at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRzCez4ytOM

Duration : 0:0:18

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