RC-TANKs: very big scale RC tank (www.rctank.jp)

RC-TANKs: 1:8, 1:6, 1:4 scale RC tank
very good tanks, cool video

Duration : 0:0:54

9 comments to RC-TANKs: very big scale RC tank (www.rctank.jp)

  • fifousek1

    Danger, do not try …
    Danger, do not try this web link. It is virus infected!!!!!

  • woody71130

    yer right …
    yer right they’ll sell!

  • scrammy18

    lol these are cool
    lol these are cool

  • crash1956

    what a bunch of …
    what a bunch of goobs……….


    To add to that: The …
    To add to that: The British had a very effective counterpart, the 3.7inch AA Gun. As deadly as the German 88mm but because there were never enough available they never could use it as the germans used the 88. Only during the North Africa campaign they were very succesfull put to the field as anti tank guns and contributed to the victory.

  • Sdryden555

    yes the tiger is …
    yes the tiger is still a viable tank even in these modern times the armor is still a match for most HE and Squash head rounds but it is the gun that made the tiger m8s the 88mm was the most awesome gun of ww2 if u don’t believe me Read up on it sweet

  • GrapefruityTikbit

    let’s get a fleet …
    let’s get a fleet of these with operational weapons and stage a coup.

  • testbooster

    Are RC tanks of …
    Are RC tanks of this size for sale anywhere in the U.S. In the video the people sound like they are talking Russian. If any of the people that make these tanks read this post here is your new business sell these things in the States they will sell…

  • liebherr333

    the tiger rules
    the tiger rules

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