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Kingtiger TANK: 1:6 scale RC tank (www.rctank.jp)

Kingtiger TANK: 1:8, 1:6, 1:4 scale RC tank
very good tanks, cool video

Duration : 0:1:34

25 comments to Kingtiger TANK: 1:6 scale RC tank (www.rctank.jp)

  • wrj9221

    This Video quality …
    This Video quality is TERRIBLE !!!

  • spritz0

    Reminds me of a …
    Reminds me of a Goliath!!!

  • dutchforces

    around 4000 i …
    around 4000 i thought, pls correct me if i’m wrong

  • Wurstftw

    how much are these?
    how much are these?

  • dutchforces

    Yes it does…
    Yes it does…

  • craigywaigy12

    that tank dosnt …
    that tank dosnt have indepentened suspension

  • dutchforces

    Oke then ๐Ÿ˜€ i was …
    Oke then ๐Ÿ˜€ i was already thinking about my comment, deu to the fact that i had seen one driving to deep water.

  • 3819oli

    depending on which …
    depending on which country you buy it from, round about 4 to 5 grand. great british pound. can be cheaper from other contrys, but then you have shipping fees as some of these weight about half a ton

  • 3819oli

    you are correct …
    you are correct when you say the hull is not water proof, but these tanks use water- proof electronics.

  • 3819oli

    most of these use a …
    most of these use a car batery for power. i think 12volts or 24volts. but there are a few out there which use a 2 stroke lawn mower for power. not very practicle though

  • dutchforces

    It aint small, and …
    It aint small, and the electrics are inside, just die tracks and the bottom of the hull comes into contact with the snow, can’t do any harm but water (if it is a little to deep) would, i don’t think the hull is watertight.

  • dutchforces

    Hi there, i would …
    Hi there, i would like to know what kind of engine does it uses ??
    It is almost unbelieveble to me it is an electric engine ๐Ÿ˜

  • dutchforces

    Yes me to! and a 1: …
    Yes me to! and a 1:6 scale model is as close as it gets to the real thing.
    But i do have some privilege, we here have a real restaurated Panther tank standing on the sidewalk here. I somtimes watch it just standing there for 15 minutes ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Stuart750

    Fun Music
    Fun Music

  • madeupname37

    15 stone is about …
    15 stone is about half an American.

  • DuKkatie

    I wish I had my own …
    I wish I had my own ‘King Tiger’ to go rumbling down the streets of my hometown…

  • eaglecreek123

    Aint all that snow …
    Aint all that snow bad for such a small tank?

  • HMGRF1st

    it’s not so …
    it’s not so graceful as it is in real life…


    auch als R/C tank …
    auch als R/C tank ist unser panzer die beste!

  • 3819oli

    about ยฃ5000 grand …
    about ยฃ5000 grand and thats for a basic model

  • TheRedAngelz

    And how much would …
    And how much would one of these cost, on average?

  • TheRedAngelz

    I’m thinking that …
    I’m thinking that since the real thing manages to break down at least once an hour, the 1/4 breaks down every 15 minutes XP

  • 3819oli

    dont know m8, but i …
    dont know m8, but i have a freind who has got a 1/4th king tiger. it weighs half a ton and needless to say, they squash everything in there path

  • rezi4

    I was kidding and …
    I was kidding and how much is 15 stone in Canadian terms

  • 3819oli

    dont be silly man, …
    dont be silly man, that waights about 15 stone!!! it is about 55 inches long and 30 inches wide, full metal and uses a 2 stroke lawn morer engine!!

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