RC Jet Crash Mid Air Break Apart

This was in Waco, Texas 9-8-07. Just happen to be the only one filming at the time. Looks like the Lamination came apart on the left wing and then caused the fuselage to break apart just in front of the wing. This was a new plane.

Duration : 0:1:44

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  • gchand7

    Anti-aircraft air! …
    Anti-aircraft air! lol

  • MissoulaRC

    I saw a Bob Violet …
    I saw a Bob Violet explode like that one time in Grenada Mississippi. What caused it was the owner was using a plastic soda bottle for the air retracts because you can pump them with a lot of air. Anyway, it was very hot that day and the temperature in the fuse caused the pop bottle to explode when it was expanding because it was over pressured. Maybe something like this happened here.

  • wilo01220

    haaahahaahahah …
    haaahahaahahah siiiiiiiiiii hoooo

  • Joey7700

    The man lost …
    The man lost control running for the sausage wrap special

  • governmentcheese411

    hope he had is …
    hope he had is insurance coverage up to date. damn, i’ve flown jets for a few years now and never even heard of this happening to one. i think i’d rather watch it hit the ground from a distance than to watch it just disintegrate right before my eyes.

  • Noobnuker1


  • lucabrasi1337

    huston, we’ve got a …
    huston, we’ve got a problem…

  • jasonsr3

    He just couldnt …
    He just couldnt wait to get those sausage wraps.

  • starscreamer47

    This is a first …
    This is a first time I see a plane disintegrated in mid flight. Something must have exploded
    inside the aircraft. It’s good to find out the cause to learn from it and prevent this crash from repeating.
    Anyway sorry for your loss.

  • covercalls

    Sorry for the loss. …
    Sorry for the loss. I’ve seen a few of these turbine powered aircraft come apart in the air, what mess they make.

  • XxReDdInG24xX

    terrorist bomber i …
    terrorist bomber i say BOMB!!!

  • Quadunit404

    Turbine RC jets are …
    Turbine RC jets are state-of-the-art, definitely superior and more realistic-sounding in comparison to powerfan-powered RC jets, but are they expensive! And if something happens to them… well, there’s a good ol’ couple thousand dollars down the drain.

  • drunk2thepowerofsick

    Unless he has 800 …
    Unless he has 800 planes all covered in 24 carat gold he doesnt have a 100 thousand insurance policy

  • covercalls

    Sad ending to a …
    Sad ending to a nice plane. These turbine airplanes are the state of the art, but when they fail they can really come apart in flight.

  • pirotechnics69

    ha ha hna ha ha ha …
    ha ha hna ha ha ha h aha hah ah a hah a hh a hah a ha hah ah hah a ha hah a hah ah ha h ah a ha ha hah ha h a hah a hh a ha ha hahha hah ah

  • heathfiedler

    Yeah no kidding. A …
    Yeah no kidding. A friend of mines father has a few rc planes that he built from scratch none that i know about are jet powered but i was told that all of them including the b 25 he has is covered with at lest 100k insurance plan.

  • HolyWarhead

    Why don’t you let …
    Why don’t you let us see the owner crying afterwards, and praying to God it’s all a dream? 🙁

  • MrAlexVidales

    An L-39 Albatross?
    An L-39 Albatross?

  • 1trip711

    Ok we’ve got a …
    Ok we’ve got a dozen more sausage wraps here.

  • 1trip711

    How much are the …
    How much are the sausage wraps??

  • msuviper

    I saw another one …
    I saw another one of those do that at mississippi afterburners last year. I was told what happend, but I dont remember off the top of my head. It wasn’t a speed problem though.

  • edy043

    Was it flying too …
    Was it flying too fast that it came apart?

  • busarider29

    That plane I would …
    That plane I would estimate, total ready to fly cost between $9000-15000. Turbine powered RC jets can cost up 25K depending on setup and craftsmanship.

  • pandymoose

    looked like it hit …
    looked like it hit a brick wall lol. how much do these babies cost?

  • RcModellflug

    about 200mp/h ( …
    about 200mp/h (300km/h)

  • brian

    hope the flight crew ejected.

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